Puff 2018 with Jennifer Aniston – watch the online trailer


The actress played the main role.

Frame from the movie

Shot from the movie "Bud"

Hollywood Babe and recently bachelor Jennifer Aniston played the lead role in the movie "Donut." The harbinger of this killer comedy has already appeared on the web. The actress plays the role of the mother of a fat teenager who is preparing to participate in a beauty contest. The film was published on the YouTube channel Netflix.

In this story, a girl named Willowin is embarrassed by her fullness. He meets a guy who is interested in her, but he can not overcome his doubts. Unlike the heroine, she decides to take part in a beauty contest organized by her mother.

The film also featured Odey Rush, Dove Cameron, Luke Benward and others. The director of the tape was Anne Fletcher.

Remind the actress Jennifer Aniston was noticed with a new wedding ring in Montreal. "Groom" Aniston became an actor Adam Sandler, or rather its hero from the new streaming service of Netflix 'Mysterious Murder' comedy action movies.

In addition, the actress will play the American female president on the Netflix show "First Lady" (First Ladies).


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