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#removethemech – Fortnite fans urge to remove robots | Fortnite

Fortnite fans launched a social media campaign urging Epic Games to remove BRUT robots from the game. At one time there were so many posts that the #removethemech hashtag was updated on Twitter for several hours.

Many popular Fortnite streamers and lineups have joined the campaign – including Turner Tfue Tenney. Clan Faze. Solomid syndrome and Luminosity gaming. In the evening of August 10, Epic Games released a patch in which it significantly reduced the number of robots on the map and the chances of their appearance, but this did not suit the fans of the game. At the time of publication, messages with the #removethemech hashtag appear every few seconds.

BRUT robots appeared in Fortnite after the tenth season update. They can be controlled by one or two people. Machines are able to destroy buildings, quickly approach opponents, and also very durable, which does not allow for quick and efficient elimination. Players immediately began to complain about the excessive power of the robots, to which Epic Games responded that it would weaken them in subsequent updates. In particular, developers add an audible indicator that will work if the robot targets the player.

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