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Sorry, Chaczkowski, said Szabo

17:40, 14 August 2019

Coach and football expert – about Dynamo leaving the Champions League and the resignation of Aleksander Khaczkowicz.

Jozsef Szabo

Jozsef Szabo

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A well-known trainer and expert Jozsef Szabo shared his impressions from the match of the third qualifying round of the Champions League between Dynamo and Brugge, and also commented on the dismissal of Alexander Chatskiewicz from the club in Kiev:

– You won't jump over your head. I said that Dynamo did nothing with such a match in the Champions League. Brugge is now stronger. I feel sorry for Khatskevich because he was in such a difficult time. You don't have to shout, get angry, but build a team. It is from young players that you have to wait for the results and withstand this difficult break. We have young players who are better than the same de Pena and Sol. They are the future of Dynamo and must give time to play.

I was surprised by the composition of the home match against Brugge. I don't know how much Alexander Khatskevich chose this choice … Kievans started well for the first ten minutes, and then the ball did not stop, the middle of the field fell. There are still free opponents. Where is our middle line? Not on time? Is he sitting deep? Players have a question: if they do not meet what is required of them, they do not have a place in Dynamo Kiev. The Champions League is at a different level, and here we will lose three goals at home … Until there is stability in the schedule, there will be no match. Some say we still have the European League, but don't forget that decent teams will play there. It is a pity that Dynamo left the Champions League, did not score points for Ukraine.

It is not pleasant to read how our fans speak ugly about Aleksander Khaczkowicz. He played football well, coached the Belarus national team – there is no need to "let him down on all dogs". This is bad. You have to look at the band. It has long been said that we do not have a center line. This link is constantly changing. Kiev residents have signed Kadiri, but he does not play. So why are you signing? There are no artists at Dynamo. The head coach may also make mistakes. He must see them and eliminate them. If the player does not meet the requirements – you need to look for another in this position.

Now the band doesn't have to be criticized. There is a European league. The season is not over yet – there are only three points behind Shakhtar. It's true, I'm afraid that Dynamo will lose points again with teams from the second six, while Pitmani will have theirs. They have class.

We remind you that today Dynamo announced the dismissal of Aleksander Chaczkowicz from the position of team coach.

According to the publication, the candidates for the position of the Dynamo coach are Alexander Zavarov and Alexei Michajichenko.

It was also reported that Dynamo could lead Ottmar Hitzfeld.

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