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Tesla has released the third version of solar shingles, which is 40% cheaper than the second


Tesla introduced Solar Roof V3, a tile that costs 40% less than Solar Roof V2.

The new solar tile has a simpler shape, so that price and production time have decreased, Tesla plans to make Solar Roof a really massive product. The V3 sunroof, also called the glass sunroof, has a more practical look. The company expects this to reduce the installation time of the solar roof to a few days, while the actual time to install the V2 solar roof is several weeks.

New solar roof tiles are made of tempered glass. According to Tesla, it was several times stronger than traditional tiles. The company provides Solar Glass with a 25-year official warranty.

The cost of solar glass is around USD 210 per square meter, which is not much different from USD 230 for Solar Roof V2. However, the actual value is not so easy to determine, because $ 230 is the cost of a combined meter, in which solar tiles are combined with decorative ones.

The reader sent a letter to the Electrek editorial in which he announced his order for Solar Roof V2 for a house with a roof area of ​​172 square meters. Tesla sent him a calculation according to which the cost of the solar roof with related equipment was $ 85,000. The customer decided to refuse the purchase, and after the release of Solar Roof V3 the company updated the offer. The total value of the order dropped to $ 54,000, and the cost of the tile itself dropped from $ 64,000 to $ 38,000.

Despite the fact that the cost of solar shingles has fallen by 40%, it is still a fairly expensive product. According to Ilon Mask, CEO of Tesla, the purchase of Solar Roof is worth considering for those planning to change the roof. The cost of the new roof and individual solar panels is comparable to the cost of the Tesla solar roof, while the company's product will last longer for the owner. So far, solar glass is only available in black, but Tesla promises to update the design every 6-9 months.

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