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Ulyana Suprun said who can run the ministry instead – news about Ukraine

She said that there are many intelligent and talented people in Ukraine who can continue the reform.

I.O. Health Minister Ulyana Suprun

I.O. Health Minister Ulyana Suprun / Photo: Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

I. Father Minister of Health Uliana Suprun during the meeting in the President's Office (OP) of Ukraine, further ways of reforming the healthcare system were discussed.

"Meetings were held with people from the Civic Platform. We generally discuss the idea of ​​transformation (healthcare systems. Ed.) and continued. And this is the most important thing, and this is the majority of the content of our conversations, what to do to continue (reform – Ed.) ", – she told reporters before the government meeting on Wednesday.

She said that the PO meeting took place on Sunday.

Suprun emphasized this "A large number of Ukrainians are waiting for the next stage of transformation, so that at the level of hospitals and specialist medicine changes as positive as at the level of primary medical care".

Answering the question about potential candidates for the position of Minister of Health in the Zelensky team, Suprun said: "In Ukraine there are many intelligent and talented people who can continue the transformation, many of them even worked with me at the Ministry of Health as my deputies".

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"In Zelensky's team there are people involved in other areas of the president's office, I will not comment on their possibilities. The most important thing is that the transformation continues " she noticed.

On the eve Suprun spoke about new doctor positions. The Ministry of Health introduces a number of new posts to restore the functionality of patients.

Earlier Suprun spoke about the work of the Ministry of Health after Groisman's resignation. According to the official, "events will now unfold like an avalanche."

Meanwhile, the team of the newly elected President of Ukraine, Vladimir Żeleński, explains that he is not considering the acting candidate of the Minister of Health Ulyana Suprun as the head of the Ministry of Health in the future.

At the same time Suprun called the conditions in which she is ready to cooperate with the Zelensky band. Suprun said he was ready to cooperate with any constructive political force.

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