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Victoria & # 39; s Secret "Angel" Barbara Palvin showed a great body in a new photo session

This is the body! New

Barbara Palvin (photo:

The wonderful forms of the model do not give rest to fans around the world

Barbara Palvin is one of the few models who managed to become the "angel" Victoria & # 39; s Secret with impressive parameters. What's more, this is a trend for the wonderful beauties that led the 25-year-old Hungarian model to such desirable rows of winged creatures. She joined the linen magnate in March this year and since then she has managed to take part in many sincere photographic sessions. By the way, the contract does not prohibit girls from working with other brands, the main rule is to coordinate participation with representatives of Victoria & # 39; s Secret.

This is the body! New

The model is for the sports magazine (photo:

And work on shiny releases is entirely in the hands of both the model and the famous brand. Barbara recently became the protagonist of the new Sports Illustrated swimsuit shooting game. This American sports magazine regularly organizes photo sessions with the most beautiful women in the world. Of course, Barbara could not help but get to his side. The star appears in it many times: photos in very clear clothes and poses constantly fall into the network. But this time film producers went further, removing Barbara completely naked.

This is the body! New Barbara in the new photo (photo:

Palvin posed for the famous fashion photo of James Macari. Among the things on the girl was just a picturesque hat with a wide brim, consisting of intertwined green leaves. She sat on the shore, covering her breast with her hands. A luxurious body, completely covered with wet sea sand, tan, highlighting the girl's blue eyes and make-up, which made her pretty face perfect – all of it simply led the crazy fans of beauty. They immediately bombed Barbara with delighted comments and asked that nothing change in the drawing.

This is the body! New Barbara managed to build a successful career even with non-standard parameters (photo:

By the way, Barbara herself was worried about overweight. According to the girl, work on the body is not easy for her and she must work hard on every extra kilogram. In addition, to achieve the results she has now, she has developed the entire system. This applies not only to sport. So, for Barbara's beauty you need mental balance, sleep for at least 8 hours, and also a lot of water during the day.

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