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It is not often a round of the Ukrainian championship in which Shakhtar or Dynamo do not play in the central match. The 12th round can be considered as such, because in the main game “Desna” and “Vorskla” will meet, which are considered to be among the main contenders for third place, and a victory of one side may help them win the “winter bronze”.

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The teams conceded points in the final round at the same time, but if Desna missed the victory over Kolos, Vorskla was beaten by Dynamo Kiev in every respect. Later, Poltava continued to spoil the mood of the fans, losing in the cup to the top league “Agribusiness”. Another failure will put “Worskel” in a difficult situation, and thus – the loss of points by Maximov’s team is no longer possible.

Favbet League. Round 12
December 6, Chernigov, stadium. Yuri Gagarin
“Desna” 17:00 “Vorskla”
: E. Monzul
Broadcast: Channel “Football 1”
The match is broadcast on Football 1 and Football 2 TV in the sweet.tv online cinema
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Figures and facts:

  • Chernihiv “Desna” is currently fourth in the table. Alexander Ryabokon’s team managed to score 17 points, winning four times, losing twice and tied five more times
  • The inhabitants of Poltava are one position higher than their future rival, having 19 points in assets. Winning on Sunday will help the Vorscans gain a foothold in third place, making them virtually unattainable by competitors
  • Maximov’s team has one of the best defenses this season. Before the start of the 12th round, they conceded eight goals, and in this indicator only Dynamo (7)
  • The teams managed to play against each other 14 times. The advantage is on the side of “Worskla”, who won four times, tied three times and turned out to be weaker than “Desna” three times. The total goal difference is 15:11 in favor of Poltava
  • Two players have scored five goals at once in the current UPL draw – Philip Budkovsky and Vladislav Kulach. And if the first exit is expected at the start, the second will not play until the end of 2020 due to damage
  • “Desna” and “Vorskla” can be called the main sponsors of “Lviv”. “Blue and gold” this season has only two victories, beating exactly Poltava and Chernihiv
  • Desna will have the chance to score 50 at home in the Premier League – you’ll need to take two shots on target
  • Poltava “Vorskla” may draw for the 90th time away in the Ukrainian championship
  • Yuri Maksimov’s players have not been able to score in away matches for 353 minutes
  • Yevhen Pasta will have a chance to play the 150th match of the Ukrainian championship
  • Opanasenko and Stepanyuk can score the jubilee tenth goal
  • The reporting match, like all subsequent matches in 2020, will be held without spectators in the stands

Latest news and lineups


Unlike their opponent, the Ryabokon team did not play this week, deliberately preparing to fight for third place. Despite the lack of victories in the last two games, it cannot be said that the “north” are playing poorly – they create enough opportunities, but all the strikers suffer from poor implementation. Previously, Filippov was responsible for this, but a worthy replacement has not yet been found.

The last match was missed by Kalitvintsev and Totovitskiy, whose condition little is known. Probably, if Andrei is not ready yet, Arveladze will close the top ten again. Imerekov scored two yellows against Koloss, and Gitchenko will most likely take his place in the center of defense.

Indicative composition: Past – Hemp, Gitchenko, Tamm, Mostovoy – Ogirya, Dombrovsky – Gutsulyak, Arveladze, Mudrik – Budkovsky


Yuri Maksimov did not give the leaders a rest in the cup match against Agribusiness, but Poltava in many respects unexpectedly failed to win. The time has come for Vorskla to recover, and it’s hard to think of a better way than to defeat the strong Desna.

Poltava’s mentor has enough problems ahead of Sunday’s game. First, as mentioned above, Kulach will not play. The participation of Chesnakov, who was injured but promised to return to the game for Chernigov, is also questionable. Suppose an experienced defender enters the field, allowing Maksimov to line up three center-backs.

Another setback is the disqualification of Canet, who removed him for the second time this season, playing roughly against Lednev. The midfielder asked for forgiveness for his actions, but this did not affect the conditions of disqualification.

Indicative composition: Riznyk – Chesnakov, Yavorsky, Alyun – Perduta, Sklyar, Putzlin, Pesich, Yakubu – Stepanyuk, Shcherbak

Forecast for the game “Desna” – “Vorskla” 1: 1

It is difficult to predict a match in which each side has no right to lose. Let’s analyze. The people of Chernihiv should look fresh as they rested in the middle of the week and did not play in the cup match. This can play a key role in the end-game. On the other hand, it is difficult for the “northern inhabitants” to take advantage of their chances, and “Worskla” is able to punish the opponent even for minimal mistakes.

Poltava will be satisfied with a draw, which means that Maksimov will not force players to run with checkers on goal. We expect the teams to exchange goals for sure, but there will be no winner.


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