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A crisp moment Gloucester man pierces a widow's false bite

James decided to break through the wounds with a paper clip (photo: Kennedy News and Media)

The man opposed medical advice to tear up the spider's false bites with a paper clip – and even filmed the moment when oil spilled out of the wounds.

James Lowe, 43, felt bitten as he lay in bed at his home in Gloucester on Saturday night, but he did not think about it.

The next morning, his skin went out on five white heads, he went to the Royal Hospital in Gloucestershire to seek medical help.

After receiving the antibiotics, he was told not to break the bites that had become black.

He was afraid they would break on his bedding, so James, armed with a paper clip, hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes, filmed the moment he "healed" the wounds.


James can be heard vomiting and swearing in a horror movie recording that has nearly 20,000 hits on Youtube.

James said: "I was in the hospital and the doctor said he was infected, I needed to keep him clean and not get out.

"But when I went to bed that night, I knew it would break when all the dots merged into one big bladder. I did not want it to leak through my bed.

The top of the skin on the blister looked and seemed quite leathery. When I poked him with a paper clip, I felt nauseous in my stomach.

"When I first pressed the paper clip to him, he pierced the skin, but the second time when I pressed a little harder, everything started to pour out.

"It was a mixture of oil and blood and a green, creamy substance. It had a strange smell, like broken meat, and when I tried to squeeze it, I felt weak. I thought I would be sick.


James went to the hospital after the skin around the bites turned red (photo: Kennedy News and Media)

The recording is so disgusting that even the cat of James Queenie, who was caught in the film, turns away in disgust.

James said: "I did not realize that Queenie was shot then because I was trying to enlarge my leg. Looking back, it's quite funny, because as soon as I did, she bent down and hid, as if to say "yuck".

James, who is still on antibiotics and has a bandaged leg, urged people to watch out for terrifying crawls when they go to sleep or put on their shoes.

He revealed: "When I looked at the bed, there was a crushed spider that could be a false spider widow, which I would of course grab my arm when I scratched my leg.

"If you're unlucky enough to bite – do not leave it too long before you see a doctor."

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