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Boris Johnson: Brexit opponents "cooperate" with the EU

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Boris Johnson accused MPs "who think they can block Brexit" of "terrible cooperation" with the EU.

The Prime Minister said that the EU has become less willing to compromise on a new agreement with Great Britain because of opposition to leaving parliament.

He said this increased the likelihood that Britain would be "forced to leave without agreement" in October.

But some Members said that his claim that they had cooperated with the EU was a "vile lie" and a "major deferral".

The EU said that the agreement concluded by Theresa May is the only possible agreement.

Speaking at a Facebook event on Downing Street, Johnson said he wanted to leave the deal, but "we need the compromise of our European friends."

"This is a terrible cooperation between people who think they can block Brexit in Parliament and our European friends," he added.

"The more they think that there is a chance that Brexit may be blocked in parliament, the more adamant they are at their position."

His comments come after former Chancellor Philip Hammond said the prime minister's negotiating position increased the chance of disagreement before Brexit's last date, October 31.

Hammond said in an interview with BBC Radio 4 Today that leaving without agreement would be "as much a betrayal of the result of the referendum as it would never be."

"Exercise with high deflection"

Source # 10 accused Hammond of undermining Britain's negotiating position and said he "did everything he could" to block preparations for leaving while he was in office.

The former chancellor rejected this suggestion tweet, saying he wanted to provide Brexit "and voted three times".

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Media signatureFormer Chancellor says removing the protective block on the Irish border is a "tactic of destruction"

Labor Party MP Mary Creagh said Johnson's accusation that MEPs had worked with the European Union was a "vile lie."

"MPs trying to stop his disastrous Brexit without agreement are real patriots," she said tweetował.

MP Liberal Democratic Chuka Umunna said Johnson's claim was "a major exercise deviating from the goal of diverting attention from the damage his Brexit policy is already causing."

He said: "This is stupid nonsense on the part of the prime minister waving an attempt to find people responsible for the almighty mess he created with his government. Vote."

Opposition to the restriction

Johnson said he wants to leave the EU with a deal, but Britain must leave 'do or die' by the end of October.

He wants the EU to abandon the Irish border protection plan from an agreement negotiated by Mrs May, which has been rejected by Parliament three times.

But the EU continues to insist that policy – to ensure that there will be no hard border with Ireland after Brexit – must remain and cannot be changed.

Many of those who voted against the agreement expressed concerns about a safeguard mechanism that, if implemented, would bring Northern Ireland into line with certain EU single market rules.

It would also allow the United Kingdom to remain in the single customs territory with the EU and adapt to current and future EU competition and state aid rules.

These arrangements would apply until the EU and UK agree that they are no longer needed.

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Hammond said that the prime minister's request to remove the safeguard mechanism completely from the contract meant that a lack of agreement was inevitable at the current time.

He said agreeing to change the "fragmentation" of the EU, adding "do not intend to take this risk."

"Reversing the claim that the safeguard mechanism must go through in its entirety – a huge part of the withdrawal agreement that has just been scrapped – is actually a tactic of destruction," said Today.

On Thursday Downing Street said he expected a group of MPs to try to block Brexit without agreement, trying to enact legislation when Parliament returns next month.

Source # 10 said they expect a challenge in the second week of September when MPs are to discuss a report on Northern Ireland.

The source assumes that the EU will wait until this date before continuing negotiations.

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