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"Every syllable in every word, you misunderstood"

S.has Oscar, Bafta, CBE and – if modesty allows – files full of enthusiastic reviews.

If Olivia Colman, the actor and current national sweetheart, had to be brought to Earth, it seems that the day of playing the Queen can do the trick.

Colman, who takes over the role of Claire Foy in the new series The Crown, admitted that her attempts to imitate the voice of the Queen with the "awesome" voice department of the series initially failed.

"When you get through this, you realize that every syllable in every word … you misunderstand it," she said.

Joking following the footsteps of Foy on Netflix, she was "scary," adding, "Everyone loves Claire Foy, so at the moment I have the worst job in the world."

About her role as one of the most famous women in the world, she said: "The same as any classic game you play – everyone has played this role before.

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