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Google Chrome update – this way you can use the best new feature of this browser

Google Chrome is a web browser for the American technology giant, which is extremely popular.

The software is very popular on both desktop and mobile computers, which means that it exceeds programs such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Safari in terms of monthly users.

Google regularly updates Chrome with numbered versions that bring new improvements.

Chrome 73 has recently made its debut for users and on Mac, Windows and Linux computers and offers many new features.

The new dark program mode is certainly the most noticeable, although it is currently only available to Mac owners.

The black Chrome theme not only presents users with a revised aesthetics, but also makes viewing content easier for the human eye.

When you turn on the dark software card mode, Omnibar, the bookmarks bar, and other items change the appearance.

In general, the new theme looks very much like the incognito mode in Chrome.

However, it does not accept the same privacy features as Incognito, which means that browser history, cookies and information entered into forms will be saved.

The biggest visual difference between Chrome running in dark mode and Incognito is the logo of the latter, which appears in the upper right corner of the window.

If Mac users want to enable the best new Chrome feature, they will need to make sure that the dark OS mode is enabled.

To enable this, users should go to the system preferences of their computer.

Then go to general and press the "dark" button next to the appearance setting.

When you turn on the dark mode, MacOS Chrome 73 will automatically adapt to the visual style.

This is the only way to enable the dark chrome mode; the switch for activating the function does not appear in the browser itself.

Unfortunately, the new feature is not yet available for Windows users.

However, it is expected that the tool will soon appear in the Microsoft operating system.

Google Chrome 73 began to appear among users on Tuesday, March 12.

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