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Heaven & # 39; s Vault is now sold by GOG, who once rejected it

Seeing that DRM is a real barrier to the preservation of our cultural history, it only fits that archeology, which translates to the dead language, is now sold on GOG. Virtual resellers of old (and virgin) video games originally rejected the "Heavenly Crypt" and refused to issue it, but this week they renounced the mistake and admitted that they were wrong. If you want him to be DRM-free, go for it. GOG treatment is surprising, but hey, here's another good game in their store.

"With Heaven's Vault, we changed our mind after checking the final version of the game, how it was perceived by the players and receiving numerous requests from our users suggesting its release," said global communications manager GOG Marcin Traczyk.

"Then we contacted the creators with the proposal to publish their game on, because we believe that its high quality and unique character deserves recognition and sharing with our audience."

This is what the GOG said after a similar rotation with Opus Magnum in 2018, which they initially rejected, even though it looked amazing even in the shortest time. It would be more sensible if they did not have so many worse games.

GOG proudly boast of its treatment as a basic feature, mentioning it in the same breath as not using DRM, and I understand that many people prefer curated shops. Unfortunately, the GOG curator is strange and / or angry. The store was founded as Good Old Games, but it always focused more on Old rather than Good, nostalgic nostalgia, above all. The GOG company decided to buy a lot of not very good games, the main feature of which seems to remind the aging customers of computer games from the 90s. Bombshell is a classic GOG treatment. Although they want the Good as well as the Old, their view of the Good is much worse. Vision cure can be a great thing and I would like to see more of it, but indefinite treatment means not much. I could not tell you the vision or GOG treatment criteria, only that its results are average.

Anyway, Heaven's Vault is now on GOG, with a 20% discount, lowering it to £ 16 by Tuesday the 23rd. Inkle Studios still sells them on Steam, but it is not on sale at the moment.

More information about the game can be found in the review "The Heavenly Crypt".

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