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Johnson raises opposition between parties over Brexit's "cooperation" claim Policy

The language used by Boris Johnson to describe MPs who want to block Brexit without agreement may threaten politicians and their employees, said former Torino minister amid bipartisan condemnation of prime minister's comments.

Speaking live on Facebook, where he answered pre-selected audience questions in an event that was accounted for as "the prime minister's questions," Johnson argued that efforts to block disagreement would increase his likelihood because it would make the EU less willing to offer new concessions.

"There has been terrible cooperation between people who think they can block Brexit in parliament and our European friends," Johnson said.

"And our European friends are not moved by the desire to compromise, they do not compromise on the Withdrawal Agreement, even though it has been fired three times, they stick to every letter, every comma of the withdrawal agreement – including a safeguard mechanism – because they still think Brexit can be blocked in parliament.

"The terrible thing is that the longer it lasts, the more likely we will be forced to leave Brexit without agreement."

Guto Bebb, a conservative MP and former junior minister, said the comments were "absolutely shameful." And the use of the word "collaboration" was "toxic" and resembled the rhetoric surrounding the murder of Labor Party MP Jo Cox.

"I knew Jo Cox and I think Boris Johnson should think very carefully about the fact that he uses the language about our cooperation with the EU when he knows the threats that people are facing," said Bebb.

"My office employees are unable to do their work without security. A security system was introduced in my family home. And for Boris Johnson, accusing people like me of collaboration is a disgrace to a man who should know better. This is unworthy of his position and again proves that the man is not suitable for the position of prime minister. "

Boris Johnson answers selected questions during the first "People & # 39; s PMQs" – video

Former Labor Party MP Luciana Berger, who had previously received death threats, said Johnson and his advisers would have opted for this language in advance.

"It is dangerous, deeply offensive to many and fueling the flames of division" an independent MP wrote on Twitter.

Jacqui Smith, former Home Secretary of Labor who chairs the foundation founded on Cox's behalf, said: "Our prime minister is very well educated and interested in history. He completely understands the resonance of the word "cooperation." Language matters. Please be better. "

Johnson spoke in a live broadcast session that lasted less than 12 minutes in which he refused to exclude the closure of the parliament and hold general elections after leaving the EU on October 31.

Johnson's hostile language follows an equally thorough anonymous briefing against Philip Hammond after he warned of the apparent likelihood of disagreement, and sources # 10 accuse the former chancellor of wanting to thwart Brexit.

Labor Party MP Stephen Doughty said Johnson uses "the shameful language of fascism and authoritarianism."

"Our European neighbors are friends, not an enemy to" cooperate with, "he said.

Stephen Gethins, spokesman for the Scottish national party in Europe, said Johnson was "dangerously delusional and detached from reality in his rhetoric about the United Kingdom's exit from the EU and its" do or die "plan that would explode without agreement."

A source from Downing Street says that Johnson simply "tried to make it clear that the EU is looking at what is happening here and is receiving a completely wrong message that parliament will somehow block Brexit on October 31."

During the live broadcast, Johnson repeated his argument that the government "is not seeking agreement, but we need the compromise of our European friends." He added: "The more they think Brexit can be blocked in parliament, the more adamant they are about maintaining their position."

In fact, Johnson refuses to negotiate an agreement with the EU, unless the 27 Member States publicly agree to abandon what he calls the "undemocratic safeguard mechanism" and conclude a new agreement.

Brussels said the safeguard mechanism is an important element of the agreement because it prevents a hard border on the island of Ireland, but critics say it could imprison Britain forever in the customs union.

Speaking during the live broadcast, Johnson read the question of whether he planned to hold elections on the days after the scheduled date of Brexit on October 31, and refused exclusion.

"I think British public opinion has had many elections and election events," he said. "The election took place in 2015, the referendum in 2016, the next election in 2017. I think they want us to do it and deliver Brexit on October 31. I never stop saying that we will do it. "

He claimed to be barbecuing on the public side of "unpasteurized, non-mediated" from his desk at Downing Street, but was able to choose the questions he answered, including relatively mild, about what he would do to protect the relationship and the knife crime, which allowed him to talk about his time as mayor of London.

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