Owen Farrell is playing in exchange for half of England – Jeremy Guscott


Farrell started the first Lions test against New Zealand in 2017. Halfway through the flight, then moved in to the second and third position

Owen Farrell is never out of the game.

He is a goal scorer, co-owner, semi-circle, but above all his personality always makes him seem to be in the center of exceptional moments of the game.

He likes to take responsibility and initiative to change the game. Whatever he does, he is forced to observe.

A lot of time raises you to your feet with applause. In others, you observe through your fingers.

His attack on Andre Esterhuizen in the final game of winning England 12-11 over South Africa proved that he can share his opinion in the same incident.

Headlines with NZ Herald (top), Irish website 42 (middle) and South African IOL (bottom) after winning England

For me, it looked more like a punishment than not. I do not think most people are surprised if Judge Gardner Gardner punished Farrell for this instead of deciding that it would not offend.

It was rather instinctive than malicious.

Esterhuizen set off for an arched run across the field, ahead of the first George & # 39; a Ford, and then Mark Wilson, when he was looking for a place in the broken field.

Esterhuizen rounds George Ford …
… and then Mark Wilson …

As Farrell followed the trajectory of his target, the obvious way out would be to descend low to his left shoulder and use Esterhuizen's shoot to cut him around his knees when he came across the substitute Springbok.

But when Esterhuizen began to squeeze in space against the target, he changed the angle slightly, straightening with Farrel on the 15-meter line.

… before you straighten your line in contact with Farrell …
… only to be knocked back in a colossal attack

It completely changed the equipment.

Suddenly he stood at the forefront, and Farrell decided to kick on his heel, push the right arm in a collision and try to comprehensively win.

It is a kind of decision made in an instant.

As soon as you cross the waist, you are in a dangerous zone. The arm can go up or the player can come in contact and you will be able to bring high equipment anyway.

Farrel's greater concern was whether his hands were involved in the equipment or whether it was simple and illegal to use his arm.

It was evident that there was a trial with his left shoulder, but at a high rate and from the awkward position in which Farrell found himself, it was difficult to claim that he was wrapping his man.

It turned out that there was not enough to keep the game in the hands of the English.

Farrell's left shoulder was the main topic of the debate after the match over the legality of his game on Andre Esterhuizen

Gardner could easily sanction the film's review, and Handre Pollard could kick him to win the match.

But there's no way Eddie Jones can tell Owen Farrell to change that part of his game.

You can not help in the way you are and you should not – that's why you were chosen first. This physicality is something extra that Farrell brings to this position. Neither Ford nor Danny Cipriani, two rivals for their position, can match that.

As the last four halves in England came out
Ford v SA (June 9) Ford v SA (June 16) Cipraini v SA (23 June) Farrell v SA (November 3)
passes 18 23 10 29
It works 4 6 2 4
Made meters 3 thirty 16 6
Hits made / skipped 9/3 3/1 5/3 8/2
Steering 0 0 0 9

Decisive 10

This controversial duel was the last act of the really influential final 10 minutes from Farrell.

In the 72nd minute he showed rocky nerves and landing technique, which proved the winning in the match up close.

Then, in the 79th minute, when Boxing pressed on the England line, he stripped the ball from the second row, Lood De Jager, to get a key turn.

Like the hit in Esterhuizen, he was aggressive and extremely competitive. He went high in the chest, wanting to change the course of the match.

Anyone dealing with Owen Farrell must know that he will try something more than just equipment. De Jager did not exercise due diligence and went too far, not properly protecting the ball, and paid the price.

Owen Farrell enters the slow-moving Lood de Jager chest …
… uses his opposite hand to rip the ball …
… and causes Springbok to spill ownership

We should not be more surprised. We should almost expect him to receive payment from him.

He has proven himself in the crucible of the Lions Tests, Six Nations, the Champions Cup and the Premiership, and clearly enjoys running ahead at decisive moments.

What he developed in his game since his test debut six years ago is his composure and vision that helped him make the break he made in the 55th minute.

He did not show up too much because he got the ball in the middle of the field with a well-defined South African defense ahead.

However, the opposite number Farrell, Handre Pollard, guessed it for the second time, rushing to intercept a possible goal for Henry & # 39; s Slade & # 39;

Farrell handed in a flat application to Henry & # 39; em Slade, but instead he saw in his defense the southern defense against extermination in South Africa.

His manikin and darts led him to Damian de Allende and through the gap between the center and the second row of RG Snyman.

Farrell could hold the ball longer to make more of the bookmark. He fell into the fresh air and open space, but decided to land on Slade, perhaps because of Snyan's eavesdropping, which made him think that a cover was coming.

It was only the third start of Farrell as England in the middle of the World Cup in 2015, although its 26th position in the 62 Cups of England.

This working threat was not something that he had during his previous trips in this role.

But – as Cipriani shows and, to a lesser extent, Ford – helps stop the opposition from quickly drifting on its external runners.

I suspect that Farrell will have a lot more starts for 10 in England before and during, Japan 2019.

Jeremy Guscott talked to Mike & Henson from BBC Sport.


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