Saturday , June 12 2021

Spike Girls Ticketmaster FURY as a party crashes … but behind the chaos lies an amazing theory

Spice Girl fans were furious after Ticketmaster crashed just minutes after selling tickets to the arena.

Twitter has been flooded with thousands of complaints after the ticket page appeared to throw away fans, collide, and then redirect everything in a matter of minutes.

From angry complaints about the Spice Girls puns, the fans expressed their dissatisfaction with missing tickets for an eight-day tour of the arena.

Some fans even had a weird theory behind the crash of the site, joking with the absence of Posh Spice, who refused to go out with four, turned off the Ticketmaster plugin.

Some fans say a fun page!

Others were eviscerated that they would have to say goodbye to their dreams that they would see a girl with a strong taste.

One of the fans wrote: "You would think nowadays, having a company as big as a ticket maker with all your knowledge of people buying tickets and selling out tickets that would be able to handle Spice Girls tickets.

Another angry: "Ah, old, old-fashioned @TicketmasterCS f ** k-aroundary, running the queue at 10: 28m, which I checked before 10:30. Fucking #Ticketmaster. # SpiceWorld2019 #SpiceGirls"

The Spice Girls admit they "never asked" Victoria Beckham to join them on the road

One of the fans added: "I was on @TicketmasterUK from 10am, waiting for @spicegirls tickets for sale, but it still is not, the site hangs and people are selling them on @viagogo for over GBP 1100! DISGUSTING!"

Although some fans have managed to navigate the site, with one celebrating person: "Well done Ticketmaster , the purchase process was trouble-free! "

The terrible Spice Mel C revealed that while everyone is planning their route at the stadium in June next year, Victoria "really supports us", but raised the point that she was never officially asked to participate in the return.

The Jonathan Ross Show said: "Do you know what is quite funny?

"I last saw Victoria and of course we were all in touch … she really supports us and we really support her.

"But she raised the point that she was never asked."

Geri said: "I talked to her … before the announcement and she said it for years, she just does not want to do it anymore, so we knew it."

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