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The new Sky Go app lets you watch recordings on the go

Sky has introduced an update of its Sky Go app for Sky TV customers, which allows you to watch all your favorite TV programs – even recordings – on the go.

In the latest version of the application, existing Sky Q and Sky Go functions combine to provide the highest convenience. The changed appearance and features include a new user interface with "simple, destination destinations" for TV guide, browsing, downloading and the like. The browsing page itself now groups content in all channels by topic and genre. You will receive personalized Sky Cinema recommendations based on your viewing habits, and Sky Q customers can view their recordings on a dedicated website.

The application also has "better accessibility and better navigation" for the visually impaired, so navigation will be easier, and the teacher will give you a description of everything you click to make using the application easier. You can also increase the font size without "losing functionality" – so I don't know how unpleasant the application was before, if it is new – as well as color inversion.

It all sounds fairly simple, so well done Sky to catch up with the functions of many competitors and other streaming applications they already offer.

The update will be implemented in stages in the summer on iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, PC, Mac and in the app store and Amazon. According to Sky, customers will be able to update their existing application or download it from the App Store and Google Play.

Now all warnings. If you want to have access to the recording function, you must be a Sky Q customer. To download any content on the application, you need a Sky Go Extra subscription, and the content available to Sky Mobile customers depends on their existing subscription. Because who is looking for the convenience of a single application that does everything now when you can juggle multiple subscriptions from the same company, which will affect the features and functionality of the application?

Keep this crazy hell to yourself.

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