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Villa "LEAVES" on Island Island and MISSING from today's explosive show

Anton Danyluk has LEFT Villa Love Island after falling ill.

A nice Scottish gym owner, who was in the center of the drama in the last days, was led out of the villa.

After feeling bad during the day, Anton did not spend the night away from the rest of the island.

This means that later MISSING from today's explosive episode, which includes a whole new love triangle and the former pair getting closer.

Anton was separated from Belle Hassan, just a day after the couple abandoned their differences on the burning row.

Anton left the villa after he felt bad

Anton and Belle were separated for the night

Anton returned from the villa and returned on Thursday evening.

After spending the night away from Belle, the couple were reunited.

Some viewers predict that Belle and Anton may become the winners of the series.

But they are facing tough competition in the form of Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury, who are currently the favorites of bookmakers.

Anton almost forgot about it

Elsewhere in the evening, Michael Griffiths needs advice and clearly lacks the best friend.

Belle may be missing Anton, but he is distracted by Michael's love life.

Michael admits he may still have feelings for Amber Gill, despite the claim that he has definitely moved.

He talks to Belle about Joanna Chimonides, who was devastated when Michael decided to stay in the villa and not go away with her.

Belle gives Michael advice

Michael wonders

Belle says to Michael, "I do not know if she'll wait for you.

By giving him more advice, Ovie Soko says: "Do not let your pride hurt you. Do not fight with yourself.

Later in the evening, Michael talks with the boys in the fire.

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The latest island of love

Michael says: "Now that Joanna left, it gave me time to think about things. I'm not saying that I do not like Joanna, because I do. But I feel that because Joanna was there, I actively avoided Amber. "

Is Michael wondering about Amber?

* Love Island lasts tonight at 21:00 in ITV2

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