Blizzard claims he did not wait for fans to be angry at Diablo Immortal


Yesterday, during a BlizzCon Q & A shortly after the announcement of the mobile game Diablo Immortal. a fan of a red t-shirt approached the microphone. "I was just thinking," he said softly, "is this a crazy jokes in the off-season in April?" – The audience cheered. It was only a very long weekend for Blizzard. The company expected fans to react passionately, one co-founder said Kotaku in today's interview, but was not prepared for vitriol levels.

On the stage yesterday, the developer carefully lowered the fan on the stage. "No," he said to the amusingly questioned question: "It's totally beneficial Diablo the experience on the mobile that everyone will play and hopefully bring new heroes to the Sanctuary and re-adhere to our community and are very excited. "

Backstage a Diablo Immortalbut since then he has continued to be angry with social media, YouTube, Reddit and other sites ever since. It comes primarily from Blizzard's Blizzard blog post aimed at reducing fans' expectations, and made it clear that more Diablo projects in the works, but they said, "We intend to share some Diablorelated news at the show. "The blog posts hoped for a lot of fans hoping for a low-level, Diablo IV. In the absence of this, they struggled for the classic remaster Diablo game, match. Instead, they have received a mobile game developed jointly with China NetEase. Some fans say that Blizzard has resigned from the PC and the console next to the greener mobile pastures – and so they left the fans who built the base.

THE Diablo Subreddit, in particular, is a real indignation. "Blizzard used to shut down games Spirit and Titan that it does not match Blizzard's quality, "read the current top thread with more than 12,000 inscriptions." Now it's outsourcing and reskinning games. I'm not sad, I'm just frustrated and angry. "

The fans are mainly after Wyatt Cheng's joking remarks, yesterday's Q & A, after dreaming immortal it does not come to the PC. – Do not have any phones? the audience asked in a whistling voice. The fans have decided that this is the ultimate example of Blizzard's tone of deafness. With this comment approaching nearly 4,000 signatures, "Everyone says Blizzard is in touch with fans, except that touch is the only way you'll be able to play next Diablo game, match. Not everyone has a phone?

Subreddit other threads are accused of "killing" Diablo, call the "face" of the game and prove that Blizzard's employees are disrespectful, while people DiabloThe official forum draws boycott and petition immortal deleted. There were also accusations that Blizzard removes the dislikes Diablo ImmortalFilmmakers and game controllers – currently 215,000 and 132,000 on YouTube – do not like it, while others suggested that changes in the number were made after an algorithm was issued or when a vote with multiple accounts was canceled. Not surprisingly, the Gamragate subreddit Kotaku In Action has given significant numbers to adjacent and conspiratorial elements of cultural wars in this backward wave, reinforcing them.

Speak Kotaku In BlizzCon's interview with executive producer and Blizzard's co-founder, Allen Adham acknowledged that Blizzard was looking for some sort of adversity, but "not so much".

"We know our audience passionately focuses on PC and console," he said. "We've already seen this. We experienced a similar response when we announced that we were bringing Diablo to the console and we got a similar response to the Fireplace marble tiles. "

Of course there is the elephant-sized darkness and tormentor in the room: people thought they would see Diablo IV. "Which means we knew that our audience here would want to see and hear a thing desperately," said Adham, Diablo a game comes after it Diablo III.

Theoretically speaking, the above-mentioned blog posts say the headphones should have thought, but fell back. Big video game companies have the opportunity to talk about things that have not been announced, and the post exemplifies. If he sees it later, it's obvious that he tells people not to get hopes for BlizzCon too much. However, it is easy to see how fans can interpret it as if they are completely contradictory. No one tells you directly that people can not count on seeing the next big one Diablo play on BlizzCon.

However, Adham feels that he and his team knew the most. "We will not post things to Blizzard until we're ready. It's about gaming quality, less of the timing, it's all about giving our players a thrilling experience, "he said." We tried to get a little ahead of the blog post to get the group to work more and work harder. But it's quite clear they have an incredible passion Diablo interestingly manifested. "

Adham also talked about his structure Diablo Immortal to tell that this is a joint effort between the Blizzard team and the Chinese NetEase team. While these teams interact with the guy Diablo team, a immortal team and the main Diablo the team is working on separate and separate projects.

"There are two separate teams," Adham said. "We tried to communicate this, and here we know our community, it is a cause for concern that instead we focus more on this. The truth is that it is several times Diablo multiply unannounced groups Diablo even after the announcement[[[[immortal]. "

Some fans have gone so far as to say that Diablo Immortal an earlier NetEase action RPG. Adham refuted this, saying that even art and instruments that looked as if they had come straight Diablo III-V├ęgeztem immortal and immortal alone. – I'm sure Diablo Immortal up, "he said. He continued to make similarities in the old game of NetEase Diablo Immortal, especially the touch-based control system, which is virtually the same as that of NetEase's previous RPG: "In the East, this control method is ubiquitous and ubiquitous because it is very natural and feels great. Less west but now we begin to see the games that take the mechanic to the west. That's why we've been inspired by some of the work that has already been done. "

This does not mean that Diablo the fears of fans are completely lost. The mobile gaming world is unduly under-regulated and accumulated with exploitative business practices that are fighting on very real issues, such as gambling addiction. Blizzard is a huge corporation that has introduced systems in its games that are willing to exploit – even if its approach is generally harmless to others. As a result, people are worried that Blizzard will embrace the dark side of micro-networks with the moving game around the Dark Lord. At this point, Adham could not provide specific relief. She pointed to Blizzard's follow-up.

"If you're thinking of Blizzard for the past three decades, we've produced a variety of games from various games: boxed products that we sell, digital downloads, Wow subscription-based, Fireplace marble tiles and Overwatch packs of spoons and spoils, "he said."The heroes of the storm another freely playable game. I hope that our community can see that at this time there are some central topics that lead us to Blizzard and always "provide a stunning game and give ethically valuable value to our players". about this. So whether it's freely playable or premium, it will stay with our northern star. "

An explosion of outbreak is much in community media discuss how far the video game culture allows eligibility. After all, it is not surprising that there was some withdrawal on the mobile idea Diablo game, match. What is shocking here is the mere amount molten vitriol that fits into what seems like a nice cut-and-dry situation: a good new Diablo was and continued to work, and Diablo Immortal it's your own thing that does not ruin it. The game itself is good if it's a bit too shallow. Nothing is wrong, nothing wrong, no painful feeling about the unfulfilled expectations. And yet, people have decided that this is the ultimate betrayal, all because one game is not overly focused on the diehard PC and the console's weight. It's good and understandable he's skeptical of a big company, but the reaction here is wildly disproportionate to what Blizzard actually did.

Adham did not ask for the privilege but rather the passion. "They love what they like and want what they want," he told BlizzCon and fans of the internet. "This passion, in fact, is what drives us and we feel. That's why we do the games and why we've been playing games for nearly three decades and why we are so passionate about our franchisees." I understand their feelings and wishes to share more about all of our wonderful things, not just the Diablo franchise, but for the company as a whole. "

Unfortunately, this kind of rhetoric – obviously of great importance and often used by developers working with vocal fanbase – can contribute to the problem. It forms the "passion" that leads to disrespect or even misuse as a virtue, which, in turn, creates the next cycles of vitriolous upheaval when developers do not give themselves the basic mass they are exactly following. If even massive companies like Blizzard, these fans get out of the way and eventually have to prove them.

Still, Adham hopes Blizzard will finally like everyone.

"We hope that our existing hardcore fans will play this game, love it, learn new things from the player, but play a similar game they know and love," he said. "The main difference now is that they can be in their pockets and can play anywhere, anywhere, but even create a new, broader audience that likes action RPGs but has not experienced Diablo. And then, if you're really good at our job, create a brand new mobile audience that has never played a mobile RPG or RPG before. Utilizing everything is challenging every day. "


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