Braun Strowman from WWE reports harmful effects


Although Brock Lesnar is a universal champion, Braun Strowman may be the most important WWE employee. However, The Monster Among Men may be at risk of being placed on the disabled list.

According to Wrestling Observer Live, Strowman goes through a lot of knee injuries. The details of the damage are still unknown, but Strowman apparently wears noticeable lame nooks and crannies. As a foster name to become the next universal champion, Strowman feels the pressure to remain in the ring despite his limitations.

This is a disturbing news for WWE. Along with Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens and Alexa Bliss, WWE has no proven talent. If Strowman he is forced to waste time, he can really destroy WWE plans for 2019.

Problems with Strowman's knees can be the reason why Brock Lesnar also became a universal champion at Crown Jewel. Because Reigns had to leave this title just a few weeks ago, the thought that Strowman must do the same could be an incentive to set up a Lesnar strap.

You can not find out whether Strowman's injuries are typical wear and tear resulting from the life of a WWE superstar or whether he really is on the verge of significant orthopedic damage. Regardless, it's worth keeping an eye on its status.

At the moment Strowman seems ready to win the universal championships, but WWE does not have to do it immediately. If Strowman needs time to heal, now is an opportunist time. Strowman is booked as a member of Team Raw for Survivor Series, which means he will not have to wear a match. until, Strowman it may remain inactive on Raw and only have to provide a few running ones powerslams in the pay-per-view system to maintain liquidity. If, however, Strowman will miss Georgia, he too can do it. Essentially, WWE only needs it for Royal Rumble and the next WrestleMania season, so do not be surprised if it is used conservatively in the coming weeks.

Strowman was widely regarded as the future of WWE. And with Roman Reigns for an indefinite period of leukemia, Strowman is the truest heir to the throne of WWE. There is a decent chance, however, that WWE is waiting for WrestleMania 35 to crown it.

The night reigns on the left of the WWE, Strowman turned from heel to babyface. This indicated that WWE made a significant change to its plan and could start a career at the World Championships. A Royal Rumble win seems likely to be for Strowman, but there is a good chance that he will be able to fight him Lesnar on this performance too.

At the moment, WWWE is in a state of continuity. If strower is forced to take time off, and their main event will officially become a shooting. Names such as Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins will certainly have to appear uobut the point is that Strowman's damage is minimal.


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