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Can Baby Sussex ever become a king or queen?

Prince Harry and child Meghan Markle have not arrived yet, but the royal fans still have so many burning questions. The royal family is not easy to understand, so the line to the throne can be very misleading. Could Meghan and the child of Harry & # 39; be the king or queen?

Prince Harry Meghan Markle
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Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince George are destined to govern because they are the first sons

The royal family had the rule that the first son would automatically become the king, and the first daughter would become the queen only if there were no proper sons in front of her or after her. Recently this rule has changed, which means that now the first daughter can rule whether she has younger brothers or not. Charles, Will and George are destined to rule because of their fall – they are all the first sons. But thanks to this, Harry is not automatically behind Will in the queue to the throne.

Harry is behind the throne than you think

Just because Harry is the second son does not mean that he is right behind Will. At the moment, Will is second in line and his first son is third in line; it makes George third in line to the throne. Behind George & # 39; em, Will's other children follow, so Princess Charlotte is fourth, and Prince Louis is fifth. Harry came in sixth, because Will and Kate Middleton have three children.

Going down the road, when George has his first child, Charlotte will fall from fourth to fifth, Louis from fifth to sixth and so on, while Harry just will be more and more pushed on.

Although technically possible, Baby Sussex will probably never rule

Right now, Baby Sussex is sitting behind many others in the queue to rule. Charles, Will, George, Charlotte, Louis and Harry are at the forefront, so Baby Sussex is currently seventh in order. But remember that once George, Charlotte and Louis have children, Baby Sussex will be falling farther and farther. When the queen leaves and Charles takes over, the Child will move to six in line, but it's probably as far as possible. But because everything is possible, there is a small chance that the child will rule – of course, when he turns 18. If an unlikely event occurred when the child had to rule before he turned 18, someone would enter the government in place of Baby Sussex, but only until his 18th birthday.

The Sussex child should be here every day.

Sussex's child will have less royal principles to follow because of royal meaning

Because, realistically, Baby Sussex will not reach the throne, he
in fact, he has much less royal rules than his cousins ​​George,
Charlotte and Louis. While Royals always have to maintain a polished reputation, more
intense royal rules
they are saved for those who directly rule.
George will bear the burden of rules from all cousins, but
Charlotte and Louis will have to keep their best behavior at least for a while
George has children. For Baby Sussex, good reputation and a place for Christmas
A dinner table is almost everything you need.

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