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DEA warns of the dangers of marijuana

Rubberized teddy bears, cookies and drinks have THC. But many people do not know that it can knock you down for days.

They used to be powdered cookies, but now the cookies are not the only thing that contains this secret ingredient that many of us now swear to: THC, which is extracted from the pot.

The Drug Enforcement Administration, DEA, warns those who buy marijuana about their strength.

THC from cannabis is now a big seller even in states where marijuana is still illegal. But as DEA says, many who buy it have no idea that the dining rooms need more time to influence you and they can bring more than they should with some extreme results.

"You have products that you can actually eat, they can be bakery products, products that look like candies that contain THC, meaning the marijuana content that gives you high," said Dante Sorianello, DEA.

As we saw on our recent trip to Colorado, the legalization of recreational marijuana has created a completely new line of consumer products. Legal recreational pot products have become as common as most of us during happy hour, according to the owner of a cannabis pharmacy in Colorado.

"Overnighting or consuming marijuana is not much of an influence on you, than sleeping in a glass of wine with your spouse," said Wanda James, owner of the "Simple pure marijuana" pharmacy.

But according to DEA, the problem is that the dinners last longer to affect most people, so instead of taking one gum, they can take more, causing them to take a lot more THC than they should. THC is a psychoactive ingredient that gives you such a high value. As we were told by law enforcement in Colorado, some people lost consciousness for over 8 hours because they ate too much THC. Another issue, according to DEA, is that some of them look like sweets and can be picked up by children or by unsuspecting adults.

"There may be a warning label on the packaging, but if you have it open on the table, how do you know? If you know your friends and you go to candy, and I would like to say that your friends do not, but they do some edible candies that contain THC "- said Sorianello.

For now, however, clinics in countries where cannabis is legal are seeing huge profits from food, especially in one key demographic group that may surprise you.

"Women are therefore the fastest growing consumers of cannabis, especially on the edible side," James said.

"It is important to unload these drugs from the street, but if there are people who are suffering or risking a potential death, we want to do it first," said Sorianello.

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