Efforts of the first lady to fight HIV and AIDS considered a prize


First Lady Monica Geingos and Sir Bob Geldof were awarded the World Without AIDS Award in 2018 in timeth Opera Gala event organized by the German AIDS Foundation at the Deutsche Oper on November 4 in Berlin, Germany.

The First Lady awards are a tribute to her contribution to the global response to AIDS and its leadership in supporting the global AIDS program by 2030.

In her speech on acceptance, Madame Geingos focused on Namibia's success in responding to HIV and underlined that structural inequalities could undermine profits if social and economic approaches were not integrated. She also underlined that Namibia is on track to achieve the goals of UNAIDS 90-90-90 by 2020, and the recent HIV / HIV HIV / AIDS assessment (NAMPHIA) has indicated that women have already achieved this goal, and the combined statistics for men and women. reflect 86-96-91.

Geingos attributed this success to the value of global solidarity and investment, which has been matched by Namibia's commitment to domestic funding for HIV infection.

She has focused her initiatives on engaging young people in the vibration of HIV through the #BeFree movement, a platform based on young people that facilitates access to services.

Madame Geingos sacrificed her award to the #BeFree movement and acknowledged that her recognition is a timely reminder that real integration of youth adds real value in both policy formulation and implementation.

"Today's youth is a generation that will end AIDS, let it lead," she added.

Currently, the government's national contribution accounts for 65% of the national response to HIV.


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