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Golden State Warriors did not get discouraged after losing the fourth straight game

OAKLAND, CA. – For the first time in the era Steve & # 39; and Kerr, the Golden State Warriors lost four games in a row. The last defeat took place on Wednesday in 123-95 lost to Oklahoma City Thunder, a game in which the Warriors never found a solid rhythm and fought to finish the episode again.

For the first time, the Warriors fell four times from February 26 to March 2, 2013, according to ESPN Stats & Information. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, 450 matches between the four teams that are losing is the fourth in terms of length in the history of the NBA.

"We just do not get to the ball," said Kevin Durant from Warriors. "It's difficult to find a hoop at the moment, scoring 95 points, we do not really want it. We did not shoot well at the ball, all of us so we shoot a few shots, I think our defense The beginning of the game was solid, I think we did a good job on the defensive side of the ball, but after a few strokes they do not fall, it leads to other things, they have made 23 more shots than we? got hit. "

After jumping into four games, Warriors average 95.5 points. While the group is frustrated with their last game, the dressing room is sure that Draymond Green (toe) and Stephen Curry (tight left groin) will probably return in the near future.

Curry has lost six straight games and is expected to leave at least a few more after he injured his crotch during a loss on November 8 for Milwaukee Bucks. Green lost three straight matches because he is still dealing with the problem of toes.

"Our guys – they will not be too discouraged," said Warriors head coach Steve Kerr. "They know, especially those guys who have been in this league for a long time, are familiar with the exercises." We have not felt here so much over the past few years – maybe once or twice – but this is part of Being in the league, you're upset, you lose games, you just fight with him, you become healthy and you go on and things change.

Kerr tried to pump positive vibrations during his band's recent streak that took place on November 12 after overtime on the road to Clippers in Los Angeles. This loss was overshadowed by the verbal quarrels between Green and Durant that shook the team and caused Green to lose the Atlanta Hawks on November 13 due to the suspension of the game for "harmful behavior for the team" after exchanging words with Durant.

Kevin Durant says the Warriors will come out of their defeat, but it will take a job. "I have confidence in everyone in the locker room that we will make these better days happen, but it will not go anywhere and will not improve for us," he said. AP Photo / Jeff Chiu

While both players and coaches said the group was passing by the incident – Durant was clearly more optimistic on Wednesday before the match – the reality is that the team has not looked good for over a week when trying to focus again without Curry & # 39; .

"It's a long season, old man," a backup point guard Said Quinn Cook. "Two weeks ago we were unrivaled … the best team in history. Now we are facing adversity, we lose four, we believe in ourselves." The championship basketball club, we know we have to be better, but it's a long season. "

Veteran guard Klay Thompson echoed similar feelings, believing that sooner times would be better for his group. One of the major problems for the team in the short term is that younger players such as Damian Jones, Damion Lee, Kevon Looney and the new add-on Jonas Jerebko are still trying to find their place in the system when Curry and Green regain their health.

"You never want to make up excuses in this league," said Thompson. "But we still have a lot of new guys and young guys, and we're still acclimating to how to play with each other." It was not nice that night. It was not the last four games, but if you want to play tonight, we've lost four games in a row with Steve for the first time, so for five years here, it's really amazing if you really do you think. "

Instead of returning to the end of last week, players left the dressing room on Wednesday evening, believing that they could change the situation during the weekend at home with Portland Trail Blazers and Sacramento Kings.

"They will not only happen, we'll have to get there," Durant said better times are waiting for the Warriors. "I have confidence in everyone in the locker room that we will make these better days, but it will not go anywhere and will not improve for us."

Kerr joked that he could try a new tactic to loosen up his team in the next five.

"I'm thinking of juggling on Friday on Friday," said Kerr. "Do you know that I play rowing ball? I'm not good at it, but I can try it too."

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