Google Maps is testing the Waze – BGR incident reporting function


Google has not one but two great navigation apps, including Google Maps, which she developed from scratch, and Waze, which she bought a few years ago. The latter has one major advantage over Google Maps, it provides crowdsourced real-time traffic information that can be very helpful when getting directions. Traffic information, including police traps, accidents, traffic jams, etc., can be reported live by other Waze users. It looks like Google wants to transfer some of these features to Google Maps.

Google is currently testing a feature that allows users to report failures and speed traps, Android Police reports.

Incident report handling on Google Maps was discovered a few months ago, but this feature is currently being tested for several Google Map users, as shown in the screenshot below.

Image source: Android police

The new report buttons should appear at the bottom of the screen, and you'll be able to tell Google whether you'll encounter a crash or speed trap. The function only works in navigation mode, something that Redditor could confirm, calling the function "useless:"

You can notify the speed trap only if you are directed by the map. I do not need directions where I live, but that means I can not map the speed trap. Waze allows you to notify about speed traps even when it does not direct you. Australia, Android. Am I wrong? I hope I'm wrong.

This feature is still being tested and it is not known when it will reach all Google Map users. If you often drive a car and use more live updates about what is happening around you, then Waze can be a much better solution than Maps.

Image source: Waze


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