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How tall are Prince Philip and the Queen? | Royal | News

Then Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh were married in 1947, and just a few years later, Elizabeth’s father, King George VI, died and she became monarch. Upon ascending the throne in 1952 as the 25-year-old Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen devoted her entire life to royal service. But alongside her, she always had the support of her husband, Prince Philip, whom she once described as her “strength and will remain” over the decades.

Prince Philip officially retired from royal duties at the age of 96 in 2017 and now lives full-time in Sandringham, Norfolk.

But prior to his retirement, Philip made an astonishing 22,219 solo commitments during his career as a senior working member of the royal family.

The enormous number of clashes Philip did solo do not take into account the incredible number of clashes he also made alongside the queen.

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At every state banquet, royal tour, and Palace meeting the Queen attended, Philip was usually present to provide help and support.

Many of the moments when the Queen and Prince Philip spent their time getting engaged have been captured in photos over the years.

In these numerous pics, many royal fans also noted that there is a fairly significant height difference between the monarch and the spouse.

Read on to find out just how tall Queen and Prince Philip are and how their height compares to other famous members of the Royal Family. All heights below are in feet and inches.

Prince Charles is 5’10 years old and was the same height as his ex-wife, Princess Diana, although photos of the couple were often exhibited so Diana looked shorter.

The second son of the Queen and Philip, Prince Andrew, is believed to be 6 feet tall, as is his father.

This also applies to the couple’s youngest son, Prince Edward, who, according to Google, is 1.83m or 6 feet.

However, it seems that the high genes did not stop at Philip’s children, as his grandson, Prince William, is believed to be the tallest member of the royal seniors.

William is believed to be 6’3 while his younger brother Prince Harry is also considered tall standing 6’1.

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