Michael Irvin explodes in Stephen A. Smith's sweat-filled cowboy-sized racket


Michael Irvin is displayed at a much calmer moment. (Jeff Chiu / Associated PRESS)

Stephen A. Smith's work in many respects depends on pressing buttons, and he came on Monday to the entertainment and events center, which is located near the AT & T Cowboys stadium. As it turned out, the star "First Take" ESPN not only got under the skin of several dozen Dallas fans, but also provoked quite an eruption from the former cowboy, Michael Irvin.

Now an NFL Network Analyst, Irvin fails to hide his loyalty to the organization he helped to win three Super Bowls, but as Smith noticed before Cowboys hosted the Titans in "Monday's Monday Football", Dallas's glory days are long and Team fell heavily behind other NFL franchises .

It was too much to bear for Irvin, who quickly needed towels to help with a significant increase in sweat, during which he shouted about how the Cowboys are focused on "proper recovery and taking the right place among kings!"

Irvin began what quickly turned into a rant, claiming that the "championship trophies" owned by the cowboys make them "there with Patriots and Steelers". He stood up and pointed to Smith, shouting as the crowd cheered: when you go down in history, let's get down to history! Do not just go to your history, let's go history!"

Co-rapporteur "First Take" Max Kellerman then asked Irvin whether Dak Prescott is the right quarterback to "make a story" with Cowboys, as the former player pointed to Dallas's recent trade for former bandit Amanda Cooper, former bandit, as the key to unlock the light future. "Can you really get an answer about Dak, without giving him arms around him," Irvin said. "I think that's why Amari Cooper was a big deal."

Addressing the audience and raising his voice, Irvin continued, "We had to get Amari Cooper and I think that today in Dallas, we see the dawn of a new day, the beginning of a new century and a time when the Cowboys will regain their right and take their place among kings!"

At that moment Irvin stood and shouted, being cleared by the production assistant. "Can you hear me ?!" he exclaimed: "Recover and take your right place among kings !!"

Smith, which was no surprise, was also more and more moved, or at least he acted in this way to get a dramatic effect. "It's true that when you were a member of the Cowboys, and Jimmy Johnson appeared on board to train this team," he asked Irvin, "is it true that Jimmy Johnson went to you and you sat down and said," If will dawn on a new day, we have to get rid of this, this and this "? What happened to this philosophy?

"In 25 years you've won two play-offs, and you sit here, put out your chest and say," It's the dawn of a new day "? – Smith shouted. To the energetic boo, he added:" Y & # 39; all is nothing. You are nothing. "

Pointing a finger at Irvin, Smith laughed at the ex-cowboy, saying, "Last time you had everything, you had Afro!"

However, he returned to playing the role of the villain for all that was worth, saying to Irvin: "You are a master, you go with rings, but those" Boys do not win in 23 years, and you sit here representing them. You should be ashamed! Smith pointed to the crowd and shouted: "You should be ashamed! "

Irvin, his forehead shining like Patrick Ewing in the fourth quarter of the playoff match against the Heat, replied that the youth of Cooper, Prescott and the fleeing Ezekiel Elliott meant that the Cowboys had "10 good years" ahead of them, repeating the phrase "Dawn of a new day".

With Kellerman, who is still questioning Prescott's ability to be the best quarterback, Irvin has gone back into madness, claiming that the third-quarter player "played the best debut season ever!" He added: "Dak Prescott is a great player!"

Finally, Irvin noticed what ESPN viewers have been seeing for some time, saying, "I'm sweating now, why am I sweating, is it so hot here?"

To chant "Mi-chael! Mi-chael!", He shouted: "I took over his program! Because this is my city!

Kellerman then raised the Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett, who has a 70-57 record in eight plus years in Dallas, with two playoff appearances. "Is he a great trainer?" Kellerman asked.

Perhaps it was a saying that the subject of a stripped trainer caused a much calmer reaction from Irvin. He said that Garrett "knows how to work with this group of guys", adding: "At the moment he has young talent, and tonight is the beginning."

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