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NASA asks private companies to share how they can provide Lunar Gateway – TechCrunch

NASA the declared purpose of sending the first woman and first man from the time of Apollo to the Moon includes the creation of a new space station that will revolve around the moon, which is to start construction by the end of 2022, according to current time lines. Today, the US space agency announced an open call for feedback from the industry and information on how US companies can help deliver this station.

Like the ISS, the upcoming "Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway" (also known as LOP-G, but commonly referred to simply as "The Gateway") will require regular deliveries and deliveries of cargo – both at many stages to build, which will last at least six years to reach your final completion status. NASA is also considering the possibility that private companies can provide transport for parts of the lunar landing, and eventually exploration and construction of the base on the moon.

NASA has started today to issue a project of the order, which means that at this stage it is not looking for suppliers to submit formal offers – this is a step in front of this happens when we are more informally looking for industry guidance on what methods of delivering cargo may even be able to provide before they block official contract winners in their current operations.

To get a deeper look at what's going on and ask questions from the industry, NASA is organizing questions and answers on June 26, and comments will take place on July 10. The more formal the actual RFP will take place later this summer, the agency expects, and ultimately the reward agreement for a really big job can amount to up to 7 billion dollars.

NASA has previously granted private official "commercial procurement services" to ISS, which is a similar type of business, but much closer to home, to SpaceX and Orbital Sciences, and then another round of CRS contracts recently on Orbital ATK (new entity belonging to Northrop Grumman, which became Orbital Sciences), Sierra Nevada and SpaceX once again. Probably SpaceX will resubmit the offer, just like Blue Origin, Northrup Grumman and Lockheed Martin, just to name a few.

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