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PUBG I just got a completely banana story

PlayerUnknown Battlefields, hit "Early Access" from 2017, which began fighting royale craze games, never really had a story. Why bother? The appeal was immediate: you were expelled from the plane with 99 other people to the island full of weapons. This is a video game, everyone will try to kill himself. This is an instantly convincing concept, the attractiveness of which is even clearer in each new royale battle mode announced in other games.

So maybe the biggest change PUBG "The forthcoming fourth season is the fact that it now has a history – and it is absolutely hideous.

The premise makes its debut in a new trailer on the first map of the game, Erangel, where the boy is the only survivor of an undefined conflict. This boy is growing up to obsession with survival, so now he organizes the entire battle of Royale. Probably for his … entertainment? It's quite twisted!

This sudden, shocking revelation brings many questions. How do you recruit people? Is the battle of this man widely known? What conflict did Erangel destroy and turn this kid into a monster? Are there people who try to bring him? Is it stupid outfits his idea?

We do not know so much! We know, however, that season 4 introduces some changes to the Erangel map, which are now available on the PC game test server, as outlined in Update 4.1. The biggest changes concern Erangel. The map has many adjustments to provide the island with a better sense of history and perhaps more refer to this new story.

The update also includes a new Survival Pass card and a long list of changes in the balance of weapons and items. There are also playable turntables. They look like this.

I thought you should know.

Battlefields PlayerUnknown Season 4 is now available on the PC test server and will appear on consoles this summer.

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