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Tennessee policeman preacher calls for the execution of LGBTQ persons

"They are worthy of death," said Grayson Fritts in a sermon on June 2 in the All Scripture Church, a small church in Knoxville that he runs.

The church published the sermon online and then removed it, according to The Washington Post. The film was received by Tennessee Holler, independent, liberal information service and edited on a six-minute clip.

"God instilled civil government authority to send police in 2019. To LGBT freaks and arrest them and carry out a trial for them, and if they are convicted, they are to be sentenced to death," said the paper clip.

Fritts said it would be easy to find people to arrest during such events as the gay parade.

"We have a handful of them that we will convict, because they have all their pride and they confess who they are that they are a dirty animal," he said.

CNN was not able to contact Frits to get a comment. Speaking to journalists before preaching last Wednesday, Fritts said his beliefs against LGBTQ do not interfere with his work as a law enforcement officer.

"It's completely separate, because if I'm employed in the sheriff's office, if they enter the sheriff's office, of course they are allowed there," he said, according to WATE. "You understand what I say? This. I'm over it. I am the head of this church. I say who comes and goes. These people can not join, these people can not participate. "

DA examining Fritts' affairs

Charme Allen, County Knox County Attorney, issued a statement asking Fritts to comment "personally offensive and reprehensible. Allen said he would review all of Fritts' ongoing cases, and the district attorney's assistant will examine any complaints about closed cases involving Fritts.

"When any potential witness in criminal proceedings expresses hatred and / or bias towards the class of citizens, I am ethically obliged to test the credibility of that witness," said Allen. "In connection with this, I check all pending cases involving Mr Fritts to examine them for possible prejudices. Although my office never received a complaint regarding Mr. Fritts prior to this incident, I appointed an assistant district attorney to receive complaints about the closed case and act on the basis of these complaints, as required by justice. "

It is not clear what cases Fritts studied. When he contacts CNN, the Sheriff's Office will not comment. The WATE branch at CNN reported that the county sheriff of Knox, Tom Spangler, said that Fritts had recently redeemed a job and was dismissed from work by July 19, when the employment reduction would take effect.
"I want to make it clear that it is my duty to ensure equal protection for ALL Knox County citizens in Tennessee in accordance with the law, my oath and the US Constitution without discrimination or hesitation. I assure you that I have and will continue to do so, "said Spangler in a statement, according to WATE.
Spangler said on Friday at the Knoxville News Sentinel that Fritts would not be released due to possible lawsuits based on the justification of the first amendment.

"We looked at every path we could look at, without violating anyone's First Amendment rights (i) freedom of speech, and the best thing for us was what we did," he said. "And so we stick."

A small church

The church that runs Fritts operates in a shop in Knoxville. WATE participated in the service on June 12 and reported 16 people.

The website of the Baptist Church "The whole Scripture" says it is "independent, fundamental, only the King James Bible, a church that gains souls. Do not expect anything liberal, diluted or modern. "

The website is clear about the position of the Church towards the gay community:

"We believe that sodomy (homosexuality) is a sin against nature. Man will only burn in the same sex if he is committed to condemned or rejected minds. God said that homosexuality should be punished with death penalty, as shown in Priests 20:13. No homosexual will be able to participate or join the entire Baptist Church of the Holy Bible. "

In the sermon of the night, Fritts said he was not abandoning LGBTQ rights.

"The world looks like pastor Fritts, there is this lonely wolf," he said. – There's Pastor Fritts, this one guy. This Baptist pastor is just crazy. It's just crazy. Guess what? There are many people who believe exactly as I believe.

Mayors criticize Fritts

Two public officials in Knoxville have criticized Fritts' comments.

"I am indignant at the statements of Grayson Fritts from the county sheriff Knox," said the mayor of Knoxville Madeline Rogero in a statement published on the city's website. "Fritts statements raise concerns at the local and national level regarding the protection of LGBTQ + rights and equality. Fritts statements cast negative light on our community, which makes it necessary to share my personal position and the position of the City of Knoxville. "
Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs also criticized Fritts, according to the Knoxville News Sentinel.

"Mr. Fritts is not my employee, so I can only give my personal thoughts about it," said Jacobs. "I think his comments are extremely vile and reprehensible, and I strongly condemn the threats or incitement to violence."

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