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The iconic New York steakhouse Peter Luger is dispersed in a NYT restaurant review

Once upon a time Peter Luger Steak House was one of the most famous luxury restaurants in New York. Known for his legendary steaks and the classic interior with wooden panels, Peter Luger was a symbol of the city's delicious extravaganza.
But after The New York Times published a zero-star review on Tuesday, shamelessly dragging the name of the restaurant across the earth, New Yorkers need to reassess their life choices: should I just go to work? Will I ever pay the rent on time? Was Peter Luger's steak really good?

For this review, Times restaurant critic Pete Wells pulled out his own steak knife and murdered Peter Luger. Seriously, it's brutal.

"Peter Luger once sizzled. Now it spits out, "the headline said.

"I know that German fried potatoes were once brown and crunchy, because I like to eat every time I go," Wells wrote in his review.

"Now they are mushy, dingy, gray and sometimes cold. I can't wait to find a new irregular mole. "

Wells baked the steaks he described as "far from the best New York has to offer." Of course, it doesn't stop there.

He said salads are "dripping", shrimp cocktails resemble "cold latex dripped in ketchup", and chopped tomatoes for $ 17 "taste like 1979".

While reactions to Wells's harsh criticism were mixed, the review began to be popular across the country. Many seem Agree with Wells.
"I think Peter Luger's review has been coming for some time," Phil Hughes said on Twitter. "Extremely forgotten in every respect."

Another devastating Wells fan wrote on Twitter. "@Pete_wells has a beautiful and crushing way of saying words, and I'm a little depressed. But that appeals to me … because the hard truth is that he is absolutely right. "

However, no each I thought the review was tasteful.
"Unlike Pete & # 39; and Wells, my burger always appeared with that" dark midnight skin, giving way evenly to a pink interior so full of juices that it looked as if it was ready to cry, "said one Peter Luger fan tweetował. "Long live Peter Luger."
"This one was written by the same guy who reviewed the Guy Fieri restaurant in Times Square," said Ken McGraw Twitter. "So if you read his review, you certainly don't know what good food is."

Despite Peter Luger's loyal fans, Wells simply can't see what they are in love with.

"The restaurant will always have its loyalists," wrote Wells. "They will say that nobody goes to Luger for salt, nobody goes to Luger for wine, nobody goes to Luger for a salad, nobody goes to Luger for service. The list is long and it is harder to swallow it until you start wondering who really needs to go to Peter Luger and start thinking that the answer is nobody. "

This means the first review of a 132-year-old restaurant in the Times in 12 years. Frank Bruni gave Peter Luger two stars in his 2007 review.

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