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The name of the game on iPhone & # 39; a 11: what Apple should call new phones

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We have entered the peak season of rumors about the iPhone & # 39; a. Between now and Presumable Apple announcement on September 10we'll get detailed information on the new iPhone & # 39; s which will certainly cause Apple managers to grind their teeth. Leaks will come from the Apple supply chain in Asia, from people in Cupertino, and even from details accidentally left in Apple's beta software.

But usually there are two pieces of the puzzle that don't leak: what will the new iPhone be called and how will it be priced. This causes some of the most interesting speculation in this stupid season that is coming iPhone 11 – and for good reason. More than any other technology company, Apple is a master in building stories around its products, which is why media events are the subject of so much interest.

This year, Apple faces many marketing challenges. This is the third year of the iPhone X family and the second year iPhone XR, so changes to the external appearance of Apple phones – often the biggest factor driving huge sales growth – are unlikely. The presence of the iPhone & # 39; and the XR adds more wrinkles as Apple continues to try to distinguish it from the company's more expensive models. There's also the name iPhone & # 39; a X itself, which will probably not be continued for the next generation. iPhone XRM? iPhone XST? Yuck

iPhone 11: the new iPhone XR?

Some rumors suggest that Apple intends to redefine the successor of the iPhone & # 39; and the XR as a new flagship model, perhaps even giving it the simple name of iPhone 11. iPhone XR is a bit of an "enhancer", as they say in the world of sport – between sizes iPhone XS and iPhone XS Maxbut cheaper than both. Although all eyes focused on the latest technology in XS models, iPhone XR is a popular phone, especially since it combines two factors that are most important for many phone buyers: a lower price and a large screen. (It also has nice colors!)

iPhone XR vs iPhone XS vs iPhone XS Max

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Consumers do not like to be wrong, and the current offer of iPhones is misleading. What is the difference between XR and XS? Which is the "real" iPhone? How to pronounce XR and XS?

All this can be explained by calling the successor of the iPhone & # 39; a XR, which is the basic model Apple & # 39; a, iPhone & # 39; em 11. This is the "new iPhone", and this model deserves this level of brightness. Although it's much more expensive than the iPhone & # 39; y in the base model, it still costs $ 749 compared to $ 999 for the iPhone & # 39; a XS. It's a much better starting price to advertise, which is why Apple is so aggressive in putting XR in front of its marketing. (Plus these colors!)

Get ready for two iPhone & # 39; a 11 Pro

But if the iPhone XR becomes the iPhone & # 39; em in September, what will happen to the successors of the iPhone & # 39; XS and XS Max? The stories I've seen indicate that they are jointly named iPhone 11 Prowhich fits well. These are higher-class products that cost more, but are made with features and finishes that go beyond those of the basic model. Bloomberg, for example, announces that Pro models will be equipped with three rear cameras (the successor of the iPhone & # 39; and the XR will apparently handle two lenses), improved video recording capabilities, reverse charging and better durability.

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At this point, I must admit that although smartphones are tools that professionals use every day to do their work, it is a bit funny to put the word "pro" in the name of the smartphone. But "pro" is a label that Apple has been using for years to mark not only products for professional users, but products for anyone who wants to spend more to get more.

The risk that Apple would take, calling the successors of the XS iPhone & # 39; em 11 Pro, is that consumers misread the message and thought they were not potential customers of the professional iPhone & # 39; a. It's a bit of a challenge for Apple & # 39; a, but the higher price for these models already sent this message. And I think that people who want the best iPhone & # 39; a, will not be put off by this name.

Size is not everything

If you ask me, one of the worst Apple product names ever generated is the iPhone XS Max. The large, ultra-premium Apple phone adopts the funny combination of Roman numbers / letters of the entire 2018 phone generation and, well, uses it to the maximum. iPhone 11 Pro Max would be a bit less bad, but it's still absurd.

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Because the people responsible for naming the new iPhone & # 39; s are probably the same people who came up with the "iPhone XS Max", all plants are turned off. However, I hope that Apple will finally do with the iPhone & # 39; em what it did with all other products that have screens in different sizes – namely, give them one name, and then differentiate their size. The 15-inch MacBook Pro is not MacBook Pro Max. (Apple, don't get any ideas. I am looking at you.) 12.9-inch iPad Pro I use now is not iPad Pro Max.

So why not call the iPhone XS the successor of the iPhone & # 39; a 11 Pro? The iPhone 11 Pro is available in two sizes: 5.8 inches and 6.5 inches. Simple is better. Why confuse things?

End of numbers

Finally, let me shout into the black hole for a moment. I can't believe we're probably going to switch to the iPhone & # 39; a 11. For years I wrote that Apple will never let the iPhone & # 39; product line end in funny numbered product names such as the iPhone 17, but we're still going In this direction.

I realize that there are many reasons why an infinite number of numbers are attached to phone models, from the way operators sell phones in their stores to tracking product versions. But again, this is an area where I feel that iPad and Mac are showing the way to a better future. The iPad Pro I use is not an iPad Pro 3 or iPad Pro 3 Max; it's just an iPad Pro. This is a 2018 model and I can refer to it if needed, but in regular conversations it's just an iPad Pro.

Apple … iPhone (2019) and iPhone Pro (2019)? No more numbers? No more Roman numerals? I would love it if the Apple CEO stood on stage and told us about the new iPhone on September 10 – and that was his real name.

It won't happen, but I can dream. Why else is the peak of the rumor season for the iPhone & # 39; a?

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