The parents became ill after having planted candy with methane during meals


Portland, Oregon –

The oregon parents were all ill after eating the halloween sweets, which turned out to contain methamphetamine.

According to Washington's Sheriff's Office, parents have eaten the Sour Patch Kids candy that their children collected while Halloween was held on Wednesday night.

When they started getting sick, the deputies who tested the candy and confirmed that methamphetamine was on it.

The parents were evaluated in the hospital. The kids did not eat from the candy.

The family did not want to talk on camera, but said they were blowing their Halloween candy.

The parents said the candy was completely sealed before eating.

"You can refill the liquefied material, put it in a syringe, and put the syringe in the plastic bag." "Detective Povolny said with the Washington County Sheriff's Office at KOIN-TV.

Investigators said it was almost impossible to find out where the candy came from.

The sheriff's office claimed to warn the community but did not receive any other reports of tampered sweets.

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