The rivals compete that Chris Paul has lost a step


The slow start of the season at Houston Rockets is definitely more than a poor fit for Carmelo Anthony & # 39; ego. In fact, All-Star duo Chris Paul and James Harden had difficulty finding the same success he had a season ago as one of the most dangerous NBA backcourts, and some scouts noticed that Paul could have lost a step or two on ESPN & # 39; s Tim MacMahon.

Some rival scouts and executives whispered that Paul, 33, looks like he has lost a bit of juice. "I think it's a bit slower," said one scout, which would be a huge problem in the Houston offensive, which largely depends on whether Harden and Paul dominate dribbling. But Paul remarks that he had no problem with making shots, he just did them.

Paul could just shake off the rust at the start of the season because his last two appearances were the only ones he scored over 50 percent off the field from the first two games of the season, before the two games were suspended.

Perhaps the best point of view is his inconsistency in every game, because he looked like a ten-year-old maestro who managed a four-year, $ 160-million rocket transaction in the summer in some games, but he looked less involved in other games.

Paul has an average of 17.6 points, scoring 41.9 percent from the field, and 34.8 percent from depth – a rarity for one of the most efficient NBA point guards. Paul's midfielders were reduced considerably because they joined forces with Harden, another player who dominated the ball, and who took over most of the quarterback's responsibilities.

An average Paula of 7.5 assists is the lowest since its beginning in the league and it is worth observing, aging in this partnership with The Beard. Paula is expected to age well because it is more intellectually based than it is to sport, but it would not come as a surprise if he lost a bit of his step at the age of 33. It also does not help that it has to do with a nasty elbow injury.

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