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Trump has 62 percent disapproval rating in a new AP survey

Most Americans in the new survey disapprove President TrumpDonald John Trump Former US Ambassador: "Denmark is not a big fan of Donald Trump and his policy" Senate Democrats are pushing arms control language in the Detroit Sheriff's Defense Policy Act supports Booker for the President MOREGeneral results, despite greater support for the way the president treats the economy than on other issues in the survey.

According to the Associated Press – NORC Center for Public Affairs poll published on Thursday, 62% of Americans said they did not approve of the work Trump was doing, but only 36%.

Although low compared to former President Obama, Trump's latest approval rating is relatively consistent with the results of voting observed during his first term. AP noticed that Trump's approval is between 32 and 42 percent throughout his office.

For fear of the recession that Trump and officials have neglected, 46 percent of Americans now approve of how Trump treats the economy based on a survey.

Trump's approval of the economy is the strongest among Republicans, at 84 percent, but even 16 percent of Democrats support his economic policy. However, only 5 percent of Democrats support the president's overall performance.

Interviewers said Trump's approval in other policy areas is much lower. 36% of Americans approve of Trump's foreign policy and weapons policy, 37% support his health policy, and only 38% support his immigration policy.

1058 adults took part in the survey on August 15-19. The margin of error is 4.2 percentage points.

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