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What to expect from a new generation Xbox

Feel like a budget.
Kia Telluride is surprisingly technologically advanced and stylish (for Kia)

Kia is trying to break with its image of a manufacturer of small, cheap cars. It also does a good job. Telluride is a well-equipped, comfortable medium-sized SUV with a lot of technology. According to Roberto Baldwin, it has a bit of luxury and at the same time is relatively inexpensive. This is good quality without compromising on style.

Steam hit is "PC Building Simulator", which today jumps to consoles.
Build the computer of your dreams … on PS4, Xbox and Switch

PC construction simulator, a game where players can create monster PC gaming platforms, is now available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. Before you start asking too many questions about cognitive dissonance in building a virtual computer on your console, know that PC construction simulator it's not just a computer building game. But for the most part it is.

It's now available at PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store and Nintendo eShop for $ 20.

You can play "Mario Kart" because it is intended for the game.
It seems that Nintendo is preparing the SNES Switch controller

Nintendo may plan to create SNES-style wireless controllers for the Switch, according to the FCC archive noticed by the user for the first time in the Reseter forum.

There are not many details disclosed in the FCC documentation, but it shows that the controller would have Bluetooth to wirelessly connect to Switch. Looking at the image, the controller can have ZL and ZR buttons on the top or it can be a Joy-Con docking rail. Or maybe both.

Nintendo already offers wireless NES controllers, accompanying the series of NES titles that appeared on the Switch. Does this mean that the company will use its SNES back-catalog? I hope.

The program also includes backward compatibility and interspecies gameplay.
The next-generation Microsoft Xbox: High frame rate and fast loading

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, revealed even more about what awaits the console, which according to Microsoft will be four times larger than Xbox One X.

In an interview with Gamespot, Spencer said that consistency will be in the foreground of the new console program. He wants games to load quickly and consistently with a high frame rate. Most importantly, backward compatibility will play an important role in console design – which is great, but Microsoft's main challenge against PlayStation competition will remain a unique set of games that players can't get elsewhere.

It's also easier to control with one hand.
The Osmo 3 gimbal for a DJI smartphone has a foldable design for easy travel

Osmo Mobile 3 JI is a cheaper and more travel-friendly version of the smartphone gimbal. The electronic stabilizer has a completely new foldable design and locking mechanism that takes up much less space. At the same time, it is easier to use thanks to the new Quick Roll function that switches the gimbal from vertical to manual mode without having to remove the phone.

Despite the additional folding mechanism, it is still light and allows you to shoot up to 15 hours before the battery runs out. What's more, it gets rid of one big problem with the Osmo 2 because the redesign does not obstruct the audio and charging ports. For 119 USD it can be a very cheap way to update smartphone videography.

They will merge as ViacomCBS to combat cable competition and streaming services.
CBS and Viacom agree to sign a $ 30 billion merger agreement

Both companies announced today that they will merge again as ViacomCBS. According Wall Street Journal, CBS and Viacom hope that together they will be better prepared to fight cable TV competition and streaming services.

If this happens, the all-share agreement will bring together MTV Viacom, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central, as well as the Paramount film and television studio as well as the CBS broadcasting network and the Showtime premium network. The connection is not a surprise. The media giant originally fell apart in 2006, but rumors about the reunion began to circulate ten years later.

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