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    Michael Thomas / Associated Press

    What. One day!

    The college football has again blessed us many times to watch it on Saturday, and although the slug paintings of week 10 were not always what we hoped for (Michigan State and Georgia-Kentucky) and others.

    West Virginia last one minute, one point gained Texas as a beauty, and Ohio State found an attack in a Nebraska game in a survival match. Florida was also in Missouri at home loss and left many issues behind.

    All this, even before Notre Dame-Northwestern and the largest of them: Alabama-LSU at Tiger Stadium.

    Fighting Irish-Wildcats did not disappoint, as Notre Dame arranged a fourth quarterly rally to defeat Pat Fitzgerald's coach, 31-21. And Alabama continued the Alabama stuff in the Valley of Death in an unsuccessful victory to preserve the immaculate mantle.

    Oklahoma-Texas Tech was a barrage of burning fun, and Washington was late for trying to keep the streak. This was a statement game on Saturday and there was a lot of fun action. Let's take a look at the winners and losers of the week 10, with the upgrades after finishing the games.


    Gregory Shamus / Getty Images

    If you want to know that Alabama has played a dominant role in LSU's most recent "rivalry", take this message for ESPN Ivan Maisel considering: "@LSUfootball is a trick to try to get back Tigers recently beat TD at AlabamaFTBL

    Nick Saban he does not smile very much, you need to think that he might have grinned at least … inside.

    When Burrow fought to throw, LSU had to go anywhere. The Tigers were even worse when they tried to run the ball, 12 yards on the ground.

    The atmosphere of Baton Rouge was glowing, and the Edger Orgon coach at Tigers was so excited about the game that he did not understand what he had said to CBS crew until he jumped "Go Tigers!" Unfortunately for the LSU, the attacking battles keep the same class as Alabama.

    This game has been advertised for most of the past two weeks, but Alabama's business has ensured the Tenge Against Georgia SEC Championship game again.


    John Weast / Getty Images

    Listen: We knew this was coming.

    It was just how ridiculous it was. The match in Texas, Lubbock, Oklahoma and Texas Tech was so unusual that he deserved the new word. Let's just say "Bigtwelvy", which transfers the Sooners 51-46 victory over Red Raiders.

    There was no protection. It was as if the defensive coordinators were "knocking" out.

    I got the idea.

    Red Raiders and Sooners combined 97 points, 1,156 yard and 23 combined three downhill attempts. When Texas Tech's start commander, Alan Bowman did not return in the second half for an undisclosed cause, Jett Duffey came in and kicked a couple of touchdowns to keep Red Raiders.

    The Heisman Trophy candidate, Kyler Murray's two early game auditions, built TTU's early rule to turn these traffic to 14 points. But the Sooners quickly retreated and never let go of anything they did for the crime.

    Murray naturally retrieved the game with 460 full yards and four touchdowns. Sooners also reigned on the ground, led by second-year Trey Sermon, who worked with 206 yards and three TDs. It was a back-left battle and it was just about who got the ball.

    In the fourth quarter, TTU scored 42-40 and scored two points. Coach Kliff Kingsbury called it a double-reverse pass (second is the game). Robert Barnes seized the interception and returned 100 yards to two Sooners points to be 44-40.

    The OU then got another touch and held Texas Tech to keep its victory alive.


    Jim Young / Associated Press

    Notre Dame's season career changed when Fighting Irish decided that Ian Book would be midfielder on September 22.

    The College Football Playoff is seemingly cozy, and although the songs do not dominate, they win.

    It was held on Saturday night in Evanston, Illinois, when an upset Northwestern fourth-quarter touchdown reached a four-minute, 11-second stretch to get the 24-21 Notre Dame. Then the book was begging.

    As he looked like a goalkeeper, Book ran to the left, and ran down the sidelines of a touchdown to make the Irish a 31-21 win. The junior reached 343 yards between 34 and 34 and scored two points in the air and raised the big one to the ground.

    Trainer Brian Kelly's team remains invincible 9-0, and Irish continues to question players like gamblers.

    The next week's game against the state of Florida does not look like a battle, but the Irish still has to leave Syracuse and USC to close the season. You can qualify for any of the races.

    Even if the Irish can drop one, you can get to the playoffs, but you think you have to run on the table to take care of the business.

    Under the book of the center, that's all you did.


    John Raoux / Associated Press

    But the Knights of Central Florida have won again, right?

    Yes, the Temple Owls 52-40 were kicked back and forth, anyone who passed the ball, but it was not the UCF show.

    Coach Josh Heupel's team won the 21st straight line, which is the most important. But if you want to win a national championship, which is not mythical, it's also important in style.

    UCF Heisman Trophy hopeful midfielder McKenzie Milton designed another masterful performance.

    But this defense is a problem, and it wins like this (and a 31 to 30 victory over a mediocre Memphis team), it does not give the College Football Playoff Committee any hot and fuzzy games.

    The church gained a 670-meter-high school record, and that was why the 34-28 church leadership was in halftime before the UCF left the Owls in the third quarter. This was another "meh" victory to further polarize the UCF mystery page, as described by Andy Staples.

    Last year, invincible knights claimed they were national champions, though no one else recognized it.

    "This is America, anyone can demand anything," Staples wrote. "I can say that I am the sexiest person in America, although I'm sure my friends have People– who are in charge of the CFP Selection Committee – certainly disagree.

    At a later stage in the game, ESPN cameras migrated to the Florida audience in Orlando, where a fan showed a sign that read "We want Bama!"

    The performances on Thursday have been due to the fact that the knights probably will not get a chance.


    Michael Thomas / Associated Press

    Between the two big 12 teams it fell to two and a half turns, which was disadvantageous and heavyweight.

    Make two.

    After the West Virginia climbers lowered Texas to 41-40, and finalist Dana Holgorsen picked two points and a win. He called a beautiful quick boost with Will Grier who hit David Sills V because he looked like a sequel.

    However, the officers of Tom Herman Texas are judging before the snap ahead of time (apparently), which means Holgorsen has shown his hand and has yet to make a decision.

    He went twice again.

    And the mountaineers have again won 42-41 victory.

    "It was an easy decision when it came between 7th and 13th [Sills] "Holgorsen told Fox after the game." When I scored a goal I was like "Good, I've been quick." He went to the crime and said, "Let's go to the score and do what we do on the two-point game." We saved this. We are very enthusiastic about it, so the decision was made before we started the course. "

    This time, Grier pulled himself in, and through a planned halt, he passed through the goal line to mutilate Longhorn. Grier asked for behavior outside the sport to kick Texas, which created the horns to tie or go ahead.

    But instead of trying to reach 20 yards in the field goal range, midfielder Sam Ehlinger ran for too long and tried to throw it deeply. This was a mysterious conclusion, but something that is not in doubt is the belief that Holgorsen has in his players to make brilliant.


    Rick Scuteri / Associated Press

    – Mike Leach, you're our only hope.

    They signed the Pac-12 conference.

    True, ladies and gentlemen, at the mature stage of the season, the Washington State Cougars is the only (external) hope of the conference for the College Football Playoff. All other teams did not just leave the playoff picture – they dropped off the map.

    Utah became the last accident because he lost control, Tyler Huntley, which looks like a season with a bone-bone injury and then lost the game to Arizona in a dreadful way, 38-20.

    Believe it or not, Arizona was at one point on Saturday, over the Pac-12 South Division, until the USC won the Oregon State. Separation is in no way lost, especially since the Trojans are young and overwhelming.

    Who knows what will happen on that side of the conference?

    As for the North class, Cougs and everyone else. Washington went on a run-off as he beat Stanford in 27-23 and again sent the fragile cardinal rattle. Oregon experienced the same mysterious waves as the Huskies, even though it handled UCLA.

    The conference is a mess and soon there will not be any powers. Thank you for the goodness of Wazzu, which was not so good this year. But even then, it will lose Gardner Minshew II's transfer to 2019.

    The Pac-12 must be strong and win the winning ways. It was an unusual season and not a good way.


    William Mancebo / Getty Images

    Most of the night in California and Justin Wilcox-inspired protection was Minshew's number.

    The governor of the Washington State was moved to Pullman prior to the season and was campaigning for the Year's Pac-12 games and national acclaim.

    But in the fight against the Bears, the final zone was excluded by the end of the fourth quarter, despite entering the 26 touchdown hands. In the 13-13 and 1:55 points, the East Carolina transfer remained in the game.

    Cougar had the ball on the 39-yard line, and Minshew made a short crossing for James Williams in a first hand. After completing the defeat, he sent a bullet to Jamire Calvin, 23 yards to Cal.

    Minshew then stopped Easop Winston Jr., who stopped, adjusted to the ball and pulled on the 10-yard line. Then a stripe Winston was found for a forward-looking and a 19-13 victory. Cougs has been 8-1 for the first 16 years.

    "I thought we were spotty to be perfectly honest, but some of them, I think Cal are a very good team," said Mike Leach, WSU coach after playing the ESPN. "Cal is a team, I think it will look like the season has continued and I think they play as well as anyone else, we thought it would be a war and of course.

    Cal had several opportunities, but Wilcox was too complicated to keep the bears from any offensive continuity, and defensive breakdown led to Wazzu's big winnings over an imperfect night to keep control.


    Joe Robbins / Getty Images

    Despite the Kentucky star's attention to Benny Snell Jr. and Josh Allen in the upcoming first round, Wildcats had to play a huge game on Saturday against Georgia.

    So much to the end of the historical books.

    The Bulldogs have proven that they continue to be in the SEC in Kentucky Kentucky at Lexington, 34-17, at the Winner-Take-All event for the appearance of the SEC Championship Game. Do not be wrong: it was a fantastic year for Wildcats, but they flew away.

    Georgia did so by returning to the national championship year-end: a dynamic rushing attack and a disruptive defense.

    Andre Swift has been rumored for the most part of the season but has dealt 156-yard two-step performance with an 83-yard scoring scam to help Georgia ahead of 28-3. Kentucky had no offensive firepower to catch up.

    This showed the 10th place British defense.

    On the other hand, the UGA's defense youth movement is coming together. Bulldogs looked explosive on this side of the ball, and Kentucky seemed almost sluggish. This was a thorough blow, and that was the next big step for Dawgs to return to the CFP.

    That's two huge SEC East wins in a row for Kirby Smart's team, which seems to be getting better every week.


    Streeter Lecka / Getty Images

    Louisville again showed up on Saturday to cut off losses and end Bobby Petrino's era.

    The Cardinals had no answer to No.2 for Clemson, no surprise was struck and a team was embarrassed, which rarely had to throw away the 77-16 victory.

    The Tigers had three 100-yard tread, Chase Brice back support had three feelings and Louisville could not attack anything against the Tigers defense.

    But this is not a novelty. He does not buy a power plant to press the cardinals. Last week, Petrino's team was ruined by Wake Forest 56-35. With Saturday's loss UofL falls 2-7 and seems to be successful in 2-10, Syracuse, North Carolina State and Kentucky.

    He was not proud of a few seasons in Louisville's athletics class, and now Petrino's failures on the pitch need to be altered. His favorite son and former defender Jeff Brohm, turning Purdue's program, see the logical choice.

    Would you be interested? It is difficult to imagine that the cardinals and the Louisville Courier JournalTim Sullivan wrote that you must provide Brohmo before you let Petrino go.

    "… the camouflage feeling that you will have many opportunities and I do not know if it's two years (Purdue) Aaron Kincade, vice president of Purdue Greater Louisville's alumni, told Sullivan. "Money is a very attractive tool for everyone, and when the call comes, it's hard to leave."

    Does Louisville need Brohm to get rid of Petrino? From that moment on, it seems that the cardinals must do everything.


    Leon Halip / Getty Images

    Do you remember that the Notre Dame season opener loss?

    No one else.

    The Michigan Wolverines quickly turned to frustrating loss and looks like one of the best teams in the country. They have continued to prove that Saturday's dominant 42-7 wins the unfortunate state of Penn.

    Nittany Lions had no choice, and with a senior manager Trace McSorley, on average, he was on average looking at Wolverines defending the country's class. The power supply indicator was only 13 out of 13, running 83 yards and intercepting.

    Everything was as bad as Wisconsin's Alex Hornibrook's performance against Wolverines – and just as futile.

    Next to Rutgers and Indiana, Wolverines are stat-padding time as they prepare for a massive, anti-Ohio state-run fight at the end of the year. Sights on OSU QB are set to Dwayne Haskins – whatever anyone tells about the next game.

    Michigan concentrates and the veteran is under defense and Brandon Watson's sixth qualifier went to 28-0 and never looked back.

    When you talk about Michigan, of course you are discussing defense, but you can not leave Karan Higdon, who ran 132 yard. Shep Patterson was not fantastic, but he drew two points and added a rushing touchdown and 42 yards.

    Jim Harbaugh's team dominates, and no one wants a piece in this strong, confident team.


    Timothy J. Gonzalez / Associated Press

    Yes, this is a creative way to talk about the USC running at Aca & Cedric Ware's career in Trojans.

    But the 17th 205-yard trip culminated with three climaxes (including the two outstanding reel versions) that were against the Beavers.

    Of course, the state of Oregon is getting better. A week ago, Colorado blew up for the first win of the conference, and although the Beavers could not take control of the USC, they were in the game in the second half.

    This is the terrible rushing defense that has prevented them from justifying Corvallis for the party. Everyone seems to have a career on the ground when he plays OSU and it's done again.

    This Beavers D is far and far the worst of the conference, entering the Saturday night game will allow 267.4 yards to the field race. The second worst is UCLA D, which gives 58.1 minutes less games.

    Ware is a uber-talented runner-up that this year brought 24-20 victories against Arizona, where 21 times 173 yards and a couple of points were taken.

    Saturday was again a great show, and although it was not considered a "big win", it was still important for Trojans who have a lot of championships in the widely open Pac-12 South. All of them needed the stunning Beavers.


    Jamie Sabau / Getty Images

    The Ohio State Buckeyes had to get the Heisman Trophy hopeful backer, Dwayne Haskins a great deal of help.

    This came back to J.K. Dobbins on Saturday against Nebraska to help the Ohio State in a 36-31 victory over a dangerous attempt by Scott Frost Cornhuskers. Dobbins finished sixteen meters at 23 and reached three touchdowns.

    The Buckeyes ran to 229 yards and had three TDs on three lossy trips. After a lovely week after the purdue shocking loss, it was a huge response to an offense that needed a bright place.

    The OSU has not started more than 100 yards after the sixth week for the victory over Indiana, and if Buckeyes have the chance to win the stretch, it must be stopped. There are still issues that concern defense, punishment and ball management, but the running game was healthy for a day.

    Last year, Dobbins was 90 or more meters in the first eight races of the season. It was only one time before the Saturday show that this signal was reached in the first eight games. Mike Weber has become ineffective.

    Dobbins changed the story against Huskers. It looked like the home threat that the OSU needed and what it was last year.

    There is a lot to be done when the OSU reaches College Football Playoff, but the groundbreaking game against Nebraska has been a major improvement.


    Todd Kirkland / Associated Press

    In the second half of Texas A & M Aggies (and especially in the fourth quarter), a collapse of 28 to 24 reflected the second half of last few seasons on Saturday's Auburn.

    Unfortunately, head coach Jimbo Fisher and the good mood of Aggies built in the first stage of the season, 2018 seems to be moving around here.

    Within less than six minutes, A & M 24-14 led the Jordan-Hare stadium to an Auburn offense, which could not be overcome by the majority of the game.

    But after we were silenced by A & M's Kellen Mond, Auburn defender Jarrett Stidham brought the team back to a quality drive to close the gap three more points for more than five minutes. When the Tigers returned the ball, Stidham found Ryan Davis for a 47-yard strike.

    Freshman Seth Williams has reached the touchdown to advance the Tigers to the next game and A & M could not score in seconds.

    That terrible ground target was the Auburn doorway, and the Tigers crossed it.

    In the fourth quarter, Fisher's team collapsed, which looks like Kevin Sumlin is following a pattern of years (2012-2017), where Aggies started the season, but then waved.

    Last weekend, A & M lost the Mississippi state in quarterback Nick Fitzgerald's rebound play. This was the return that Stidham began to spend for a week. Auburn desperately needed something good to happen and he was home to Aggies.

    Fisher has to find a way to keep the team Ole Miss, UAB and LSU.


    Steve Helber / Associated Press

    James Conner is still playing in Pittsburgh, and now belongs to NFL Steelers. De Conner's apple mother has another playmaker during the run and has had a career in one of the biggest shows on Friday night.

    Darrin Hall broke out at 229 yards on just 19. Pitt's 23rd-13th win in Virginia Virginia 23 was unlucky in Charlottesville to help coach Pat Narduzzi's 4-1 move to ACC and control the fate of the Coastal Division.

    The 5,000, the leading 225 leaders broke 100 yards only this season – 44-37 overtime at Syracuse, but he was the key gear in the second-half effort that had been harvested for the Narduzzi team and flashback for old school football.

    When he entered the game, UVA 21 received full defense but could never know how the pancakes had disrupted the Cavaliers after the break. First, in a masterful 15-player, 84-yard third-quarter drive that clocked 8: 40, Hall became his second TD to help Pitt 14-10.

    In the next race, the Panthers showed a quick attack on Hall's 75-yard jumper to advance through the touchdown.

    The defense and kicker, Alex Kessman's 53-yard field consisted of the rest, but it was a Hall game. With Virginia Tech, Wake Forest and Miami left, armor can stand up in the ACC championship. This was a huge victory and Hall's nodes were on it.


    Christian Petersen / Getty Images

    It's too late for Khalil Tate to win the Heisman Trophy.

    Too late for arizona wildcats to move to the Pac-12 league game – although there is still a bizarre situation where they can go if win, Utah loses twice, and UCLA and USC all lose it once.

    It's not too late for Tate to see us.

    It is possible that we had buried old Khalil Tate who left the field unimaginably in the field, and a throw-in second mentality, but Friday night showed that we could rest on Khalil Tate at the beginning of 2018.

    The new and upgraded Tate, who helped record the 5-5th year with its upbeat actor's 42-34 victory, may be the most exciting player in college football in the last third of the season.

    In a moment, Buffaloes scored 12 consecutive steps for the 17-of-22 performance, 350 yards and a career-high five touchdown hand, CU Steven Montez in a desert duel.

    Perhaps even more important, he wandered to a seasonally high 25-yard rogue and lost his seasonal ankle injury, which slipped back on Friday night. After the early futility of the new Kevin Sumlin-Noel Mazzone era, Tate broke again.

    "We had to play four quarters," Tate said to the FS1 crew in the postgame interview. "This is something Coach Sumlin preached for a long time, and finally, we're starting to do this in half of the end of the season, and it works pretty well."

    This was a much different kind of masterpiece than Colorado's last year's dominance, in which Tate ran to a 327-yard FBS quarterback record.

    If you throw your ankle in a healthy way and so throw it off consistently, the junior season and the remainder of the following year may be overwhelmed.


    Ed Zurga / Getty Images

    Iowa State Cyclones buyer Hakeem Butler came on Saturday to play against Kansas second nationwide yard per catch behind Alabama's deep strike threat, Jerry Jeudy.

    He did nothing to damage these numbers on Saturday, 164 yards (32.8 averages) after five catches and a couple of points in the 27-3 victory over improving Jayhawks. No matter who throws Butler (or keeps her); He is dominant.

    As Brock Purdy's new brothers took over on October 6, Butler got there. But not just a deep threat. 6 "# 6" 225 pounds, size, strength and speed make NFL scouts lick and return to Ames in the fall season.

    But with more games than Saturday, you should ask, "Why?"

    On this the second touch of the sun– 51-yard strike-Butler jumped across Kansas defensive back Hasan Defense (yes, that's actually his name), got to the ball, kicked off the defender and got it.

    It was an adult man.

    Arizona State Sun Devils Receiver Keal Harry is expected to be the first player to make the first round and show why Saturday's victory is a huge 38-20 victory over Utah. Coach Herm Edwards's best weapon was made of nine cuts for 161 yards and three touchdowns in one of the biggest Pac-12 turmoil in the season.

    This conference is still mysterious, but a thing that is not mysterious is the talented Harry. She is QB's main target for Manny Wilkins, and she is one of the best country-winning talents. The Utes had no answer.

    This was a great day for excellent goals.


    Sam Greenwood / Getty Images

    The conversation in Gainesville, Florida, right now surrounds the backdoor this week, Kyle Trask, who sparked an attacking Dan Mullen coach and lost a surprising 38-17 loss to Missouri.

    But the biggest news for the Gatoros who removed only eight days from the Top 10 team was the way their accused defend them against the Tigers.

    On the one hand, the Mizzou midfield Drew Lock coronation moment, with 24-23 achievements of 250 yards and three touchdowns, was by far the best career against quality defenses after Peyton Manning scored third in the SEC every time.

    But this was just about the failure in Florida. The defense could not leave the pitch.

    Missouri was 18 to 18 years old on the third downhill transformation and was not just the transferring game that was throwing the Gators. Damarea Crockett (21 carriers, 114 yards and one touchdown) and Larry Rountree III (14 rushes, 72 yards and one point) snatched up the yardage throughout the game, loosening Lock's defense.

    The pros prospect eventually influenced a victory that could resonate at college football with the secondary dispersion of Florida. This was a worthy performance for Mizzou, who was hanging over his head after a questionable interfering call last week.

    Instead, they replied that the SEC-East was slightly behind Dawgs, with a victory that caused the Gators' good mood in the first season of Mullen.


    STEVEN CANNON / Associated Press

    If you are not watching MACtion at the beginning of the week, there is a lack of entertaining football.

    In North Illinois, at 36-26, Akron won on Thursday, the game was too late as Huskies tried to make 5-0 on the MAC. From then on, a little-known redshirt stork ensured that the zips would not be recurring.

    His team ran three times, the pedestrian corner Jalen McKie jumped on the route at a Kato Nelson pass, took his first career student out of the air and set up 23 yards for the final score.

    If that were not enough, the 5 & # 39; 169, 169 defensive back shot included two additional features later to close the game.

    "They trusted me to push the field, even if I'm walking," McKie said. Daily chronicleKaleb Carter after the game. "They trusted me to play, and I did this tonight."

    Although McKie has no scholarship yet, he is not alien to quality football. His father, Jason, is a nine-year-old NFL veteran who has played at Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys and Baltimore Ravens.

    Bár McKie-nek súlyt kell szereznie, a Rod Carey Huskies edzője forgatásában határozottan részt vett, és csütörtökön nagyot játszott, hogy a NIU MAC-rekordját tökéletlenül megőrizze.

19 közül 20

    Michael Hickey / Getty Images

    Csak néhány héttel ezelőtt az Iowa Hawkeyes védekezése olyan volt, mint bárkinek, és úgy tűnt, mintha az egyik legmeglepőbb csapatok közé tartozna, és a College Football Playoff beszélgetésen.

    Két egyenes vereség hozta vissza őket a földre.

    Miután a múlt héten elvesztették a Penn State-t, egy olyan játékban játszottak Purdue-ot, amely várhatóan közel lesz. Éppen ez volt az egész, de a Boilermakers rúgott egy utolsó pillanatban a mezőnyre, hogy a végső küszöböt megelőzze, 38-36.

    Iowa volt a komfort zónáján kívül, ami képes ellenőrizni a játékot védelmi és futó támadásaival. A Nile Stanley nagyszerű nap volt, de a Boilermakers megőrizte óriásgyilkos állapotát.

    Bár egy héttel ezelőtt elvesztették a Michigan Államot, Jeff Brohm edzője három helyezett ellenfelet legyőzött, és az utolsó hat mérkőzésből ötet nyert az 5. és 4. között a szezonban, és a konferencia 4-2-ét.

    A Hawkeyes visszatért a Big Ten West pakliba, amely Northwestern kontrollok. Purdue és Wisconsin szintén előttük áll a döntőben.

    Kirk Ferentz edzője még mindig szezont tarthat, de a bajnokságban 3-3-ra esik a gyomorra kemény, tekintetbe véve, hogy mennyire erősek csak pár hete.


    Michael Wyke / Associated Press

    A főiskolai labdarúgó labdarúgó-bajnokságban már nincsenek győztes csapatok.

    Az UTEP bányászok szombaton úton haladtak, hogy szembesüljenek a Rice-szal, és kihúzták a győzelmet, az 1-9-es baglyokat 34-26-os veréssel dobták, annak ellenére, hogy Wiley Green 313 yarddal haladt el. Ez volt az első alkalom 20 játékban (707 nap), hogy a bányászok hazatértek W.

    Szóval igen. Ez nagy ügy.

    Az UTEP irányítója, Kai Locksley (egykori Texas játékos és az Alabama támadó koordinátor Mike Locksley fia) nem volt jó, de elég jó volt ahhoz, hogy segítse a csapatot. A bányászok 34-3-os vezetést építettek, és mindent elveszítettek, hogy a kapu tartsa.

    Rice bűncselekménye megpróbálta visszafordítani az Owleket, de nem volt elég.

    UTEP vezetőedző Dana Dimel utána tweetelt: "Büszke a harcra ebben a csapatban! # 1-0"

    Though the Miners have to play Middle Tennessee next in a probable loss, they've still got Western Kentucky and Southern Mississippi on the schedule, so more wins may come.

    But this was a relief to get that first victory of the season. One-win Rice now has to regroup.

    Unless otherwise noted, stats courtesy of Sports Reference and

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