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Your to-do list Destiny 2 for this weekend

We will start last weekend soon Intended use 2big expansion Shadowkeepstarts up and is understandable if you feel a little listless.

One of the cool things Destiny it's the way we always try to offer something for every style of play, as a result of which everyone plays at their own pace. In this spirit, I have three categories of tips for you: some general things everyone should do, some hardcore tips, and finally, some tips for less intense players.

Tips for everyone

  • Don't try to increase your power. This is a little counterintuitive Destiny works because the main goal of the game is to find better equipment that will raise your statistics, but come Shadowkeep, the current power level ceiling will be the new floor and everyone will fire up to 750 power. So while you almost certainly climb a bit during a natural game, don't do it with your goal. Just do what is interesting.
  • Give nothing. This big power spike also applies to all of your equipment, so there's no point wasting materials on upgrading your weapons or armor, unless you absolutely need them for something you plan to do this weekend.
  • Break up your cosmetics. We've known it for at least a month, but you have to repeat: break down all the cosmetics you don't use for Bright Dust, stat. (Remember that Bright Dust is the currency used only for cosmetics and earned on fun, unlike Silver, which is bought for real money). After the next week, the cosmetics will break up into legendary shards and you will be able to pull out the previously owned cosmetics from your collection menu with the necessary materials – so basically you are sitting on the free Bright Dust. Cash in!
  • Also fashion. Mods change from one time use to permanent unlocks Shadowkeep, so you'll only need one. If you have many mods of one type, split them now and get Mod Components – they will be useful when mods are coming soon very important.
  • You finished the campaigns, right? Hiccup Intended use 2 free base game means that if you haven't completed any of the story campaigns – Red Base War, its extensions, The Curse of Osiris and Warmind or the Forsaken – your progress will be reset. Fortunately, they are all short, so if you go through any of them, you can probably knock them out this weekend. And if you can't do it, every planet inside Intended use 2 will be unlocked using experience points, not campaign progress, so don't worry.
  • Ignore the armor. Armor will change completely once Shadowkeep falls, don't even bother.
  • Remember: you can't play the game on Monday. Intended use 2 turns off for a full 24 hours in advance ShadowkeepGlobal premiere on October 1, from 10am PDT / 13:00 EST on Monday to weekly reset at the same time on Tuesday. Remember to finish your affairs by Sunday evening or early Monday morning at the latest.

Tips for hardcore

  • Farm Everything. If you're hardcore Destiny Player, you probably have a lot of material in your inventory, but clean up and make sure your trunks are full – the economy is changing and it's nice to be fluid. Get everything you can think of: planetary materials such as Shards of Darkness and Microwave Phase Datalattice, upgrade materials such as Legendary Shards and Strengthening Cores, and make sure you have the maximum amount of Shining with you.
  • Fill your arsenal. Maybe you have everything you think you need to deal with Shadowkeep lunges, but are you sure? Almost every type of weapon will work a little differently when expansion occurs, so you need to think about versatility and be ready to experiment. Which is cool! And even more fun if you're prepared. Make sure you don't have any glaring holes in your arsenal, and maybe spend some time chasing weapons that you didn't really think about before. They can become your new favorite ShadowkeepThe earliest hours.
  • Consider purchasing rewards. This tip comes from the short but excellent Datto guide Shadowkeep prep. Take some time to finish the awards this weekend and don't pay them. In this way you accumulate a handful of easily available experience points that will raise the level of your seasonal artifact and also may come with a new sweet prey that scales into ShadowkeepHigher power levels. The implementation of this trick was not known when Datto made his film, but Bungie confirmed on Thursday afternoon that most of the awards will continue to be honored, except for the Crucible, Front Guard and Gambit awards.

Tips for everyone else

  • If you're coming back, just delve into the latest things. Last year Intended use 2 it's a bit overwhelming for players who have lost consciousness, but since Bungie released the Annual Pass content for free this week, you can check it out. You must be level 30 for these add-ons. I recommend focusing on the seasons of wealth, which starts with talking to Benedict 99-40, a robot hidden in the tower attachment. This is the most comprehensive of the three updates from last year, with a grind that seems fair, and deadly activity, Menagerie, attached. And like all last year's Annual Pass content, it will still be here when Shadowkeep it runs regardless of whether you buy the extension.
  • If you want direction, find the weapon you want and go for it. There are many performance improvements associated with Shadowkeep, so there is no necessary equipment, but there is A wide range of interesting weapons, some of which can make you play the way you don't normally play. Meet friends and try a great exotic trip for a weapon you did not expect, such as Lumin's hand cannon. Look at your knowledge books and find out where the missing pages may be. Set your own goals and surprise yourself.
  • Think about friends who can join. While many exciting new things are exclusively Shadowkeep. Intended use 2 the base game will also receive an update and will be available free to play Shadowkeep run, so it's the perfect time to recruit several friends. They won't be able to do that all with you, but they will have free access to each destination, so they will definitely be able to join.
  • If you need help, ask for it! The Destiny the community generally maintained a fairly positive atmosphere and is full of people willing to help solo players do things that they can't tear themselves. Consider this weekend as a time to make friends and mix it so that you do not fall in love Shadowkeep alone.

That's all I have for you now. See you on the moon next week.

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