# 6Nov, the composer Pedro Antonio Ríos Reyna was born


In the middle of a crucible of cultural stays, Teresa Carreño's theater emerges over Caracas, Venezuela's pride, a majestic complex full of resources to satisfy the highest demands of the world's art scene.

Its beginnings reach the dream of the famous musician Pedro Antonio Ríos Reyna, the promoter of the project to build a concert hall, which is the headquarters of the Venezuelan Symphony Orchestra. In the half-century of the sixties, the idea has already gained enough strength to become a reality.

In tribute to this outstanding dreamer and musician, this place builds a room named Rios Reyna Room, which has the most important and refined atmosphere in the complex. This space, with a capacity of 2,400 people, was conceived as a multi-functional hall, with space, acoustics and variable capacity for various events, such as prosaic theater, solo recitals, chamber music, concerts, opera, operetta, classical ballet and any other kind of show.

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