Sunday , May 9 2021

Alexis Vega wants to become a Tri | gunner excelsior


The young Devil striker Alexis Vega raises his hand to be called to the Mexican national team for the commitments that will continue in the coming days, so he said he could play in any position to fulfill his dream of wearing a Tri T-shirt.

In addition, he said that he is in no hurry to fulfill his dream of playing with the national team. and ensured that he was able to get a seat and become a reference point for attacks on the new generation.

I am ready to play in every position, if the opportunity arises, I have to show that I'm doing well in my club and then in the selection. I would come very motivated, I know I can get a place in the national team, I'm in no hurry. "

In recent days, there has been speculation about the possible low level of the Aztec team's top scorer, Javier Hernándezwho would be willing to give up the Mexican National Team, so the youth from Toluca said that he was motivating him to look for the desired combination and to break the "Chicharito" target record.

I have a great responsibility and a dream to wear a shirt. When I see what Javier Hernández does to you, he motivates him that he intends to retire from the top scorer of the Mexican national team and that you can come to break the record. "


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