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An interstellar guest can transport water from another solar system

Secrets of the best fried, starred or boiled egg in four other basic ways. You can take it in a thousand ways, but always cook. "Raw food makes no sense, because in this case avidin, which is egg protein, prevents us from absorbing biotin, a vitamin that improves the appearance of our skin."

These are the ultimate tricks for lovers of yolk and white

The dilemma, whether it was before the egg or chicken, is no stranger in the kitchen. There is no doubt that these birds now do not go much to the casserole, while eggs do not cease to appear in saucepans, pans and ovens. Every day, when they are released from a certain bad reputation, which they extended not so long ago and said that they are behind accelerated cholesterol. Today scientists have concluded a room with an egg and there is no excuse for not learning how to cook ten.

«The myth comes from the wrong conclusion of a study in the seventies that matched the consumption of eggs with cardiovascular problems. It is a cholesterol-rich food, but its content is not transferred to blood cholesterol. Today we know that saturated and trans fats cause heartache, "explains Susana León, senior nutritionist and nutrition trainer. «Not only that: the egg provides twelve grams of protein for every one hundred products. In addition, it is rich in antioxidants and strengthens our immune system, among other benefits, "explains León.

There is nothing tastier than a fried egg

You can take it in a thousand ways, but always cook. "Raw food makes no sense, because in this case avidin, which is egg protein, prevents us from absorbing biotin, a vitamin that improves the appearance of our skin." It is better to take it in low-fat preparations, although "fried eggs can easily form part of a balanced diet if taken from time to time." In any case, we take what we take, it is also interesting that it is well done. Therefore, here are a few chefs who explain how to nail the most popular egg recipes. Thanks to them, apart from being good, you'll be rich.

Fried: from the pan to the pan

«A fried egg must have yolk ten. For this purpose, the first thing is that it must be fresh, have room temperature and peel in a bowl so that the yolk does not break. We serve it carefully from the bowl to the pan with the addition of extra virgin olive oil at a high temperature, so that white is formed as soon as possible and the yolk is perfect. To remove excess fat, it's better to remove the egg to a plate with absorbent paper, "says Roberto Hernández from Latasia, a Madrid restaurant that is the reference in a travel kitchen with a traditional base.

Ratatouille, not a tomato, to an egg on a plate

Chema Soler is the chef of La Gastro, a place in Madrid where high-quality dishes are prepared in the form of tapas, and is also a big fan of eggs on the plate: "I put scallops," he says. But of course this is not normal. In addition to this peculiarity, it has a number of tricks that make this recipe perfect. «I applied a little oil to the base of the plate so that white does not stick. In addition, I change the traditional tomato sauce according to ratatouille to make it tastier. And the rest has no history, it is enough to cook for 12 minutes at 180 degrees in the oven so that the white is curdled, but the yolk is not ».

Ride the broken egg

Sergio Hernández manages the Taramara restaurant in Madrid, which specializes in traditional, well-prepared cuisine and offers an infallible trick to make good star eggs. «I separate the protein from the yolks to cook them side by side. Cool the protein as if it were a fried egg, and after removing it from the pan I put the yolk on top, without cooking, so that it is unpleasant when breaking fried potatoes ». More than deconstructed, it is a genuinely reconstructed kitchen.

Secrets are best prepared by a fried, starred, boiled egg and four other basic ways

Nailing a boiled egg is a matter of time

Mexican Cynthia Pariente is a chef at La Gastro Salvaje, a place located on the lively Madrid Ponzano street, and for her a boiled egg has more intrigues than you might think. «The key is in water that must boil when placing eggs. Once inside, it should be lowered to 100 degrees so that the yolk does not remain hard and porous. If we want it to be soft, it is also recommended not to keep the egg in water for longer than 8 minutes ».

Egg at low temperature «on the rocks»

An egg at low temperature is fashionable, and Axel Smyth from the Casa Elena restaurant, located in Cabañas de la Sagra (Toledo) – where local cuisine is practiced and slow meals are chosen – gives it the perfect formula. «I cook at 64 degrees for 45 minutes and then immediately put in ice water to stop cooking and will not pass. You must peel it very carefully, because it will be very fluid. »

To make a good trot, prepare a good whirlpool

Julio Miralles is the chef of the legendary Madrid restaurant Zalacaín, which lives a second youth. To get an impeccable poached egg, he encourages working with "very, very, very fresh" eggs. The rest is «add a little vinegar to the water and move the rod in a spiral. Then we throw the egg, which rotates, so that the protein better yolk protein ». And from there a toast for scandalous brunch.

To get the perfect French omelette, just a few taps

It is a well-known fact in the industry that many chefs ask their students to prepare a French omelette to check their culinary level. To overcome the challenge of a perfect tortilla, Miguel Cobo with a Michelin star in Cobo Vintage (Burgos) for his creative cuisine with Castilian and Cantabrian roots provides an infallible trick. «The basic thing is to beat the egg thoroughly so that it does not suffer too much and takes good shape. The pan must be non-stick, well oiled and the oil has a high temperature. Don't go crazy Simply, with a few taps on the pan handle, the tortilla takes the form it needs.

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