Army General Henry Francisco Herrera was killed in attempted robbery


Venezuelan Army General Brigade, Henry Francisco Herrera Hernández, killed this Saturday with a gun when they tried to steal the vehicle in the local parking lot in Miranda State.

Police report to which EFE has been able to access, It should be noted that the event took place at noon and shot at the height of the left bra.

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Herrera Fernández was the replacement the authorities the fire department's ambulance in the neighborhood where the incident occurred, San Antonio de los Altos, but "without vital signs" entered.

Head of the Operational Strategic Commander of the National Armed Forces of Bolivar (CEOFANB) Admiral Remigio Ceballos sent a message "respect and compassion" to his family via Twitter.

"On behalf of the #FANB Operational Strategic Command, the most honest words about the family of the Herrera Hernández family are expressed by GB Henry Herrera Hernández, the respected official @EjercitoFANB, father, father and patriot, "says CEOFANB's message.

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