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Ask the actress who plays "Morgan Stark" to stop worrying

Little Lexi Rabe, who's playing "Morgan Stark", daughter"Tony Stark"In & # 39; Avengers: Endgame" suffers the worst when it has fame, pinchand for this reason, the actress recorded the video with the intention to stop disturbing her.

The young lady is suffering pinch and bullying at school and from the same fans, because they make fun of her for playing a five-year old when she's seven. Also for the fact that he does not want to take pictures or give autographs to his followers.

"Hello I am Lexi Rabe and I'm only seven years old. Sometimes I'm wrong, so my parents give me a lot of talks and spend time alone, trust me. And if I go somewhere and behave strangely or something like that, it's because I'm only seven. Please, do not disturb my family or me. Good-bye, I love you, three thousand, "said the girl.

Her mother, who runs her social networks, has posted a message along with the movie Lexi, which says: "I hate that we even have to publish it, but again they interfere with Lexi, and that's something that makes the stars are not going to want to leave home or you do not want to meet people, write your opinions so that Lexi can grow up in the free world. He is a normal man and is a girl. We talk to her, and sometimes we give her time alone, but not every time We see how we run from place to place, a bit stressed, like everyone else, to get to the set or work or whatever, and we look a little angry, I'm sorry if you see us that way, but This life, if you ask us for an autograph, we almost always say "yes", if we have a bad day that changes it, we are not perfect. "

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