Camila Cabello is crowned in Europe


When Camila Cabello entered the third MTV Europe Music Awards yesterday at the Bilbao Exhibition Center in Spain, she was speechless.

If in the first she shouted in Spanish that she was "not serious" (impressed), in the next she emphasized that she was preparing a new album, for the last smile was her best weapon.

"I do not know what to say!" He exclaimed.

"This is for my fans, I know what it's like to be a fan, because I remember when I was 14 and I was waiting for my favorite artist," he said a few minutes earlier.

The Cuban-American received four of the six awards for which she was nominated: Best Artist, which she got from the Mexican Diego Luna and American Michael Peña; The best movie and song for both "Havana" and for the best artist in the USA.

The best fans category has been kidnapped by the South Korean BTS group, and the pop-artist won Dua Lipa.

"It was an amazing year," Cabello said at one point.

The political phase. Janet Jackson, awarded MTV Global Icon for four decades in the artistic world, left the spontaneous activist.

If at the age of 52 she showed that she could move like any young woman, because in the company of a handful of dancers she proposed a musical number, she also repeated her fight for women raped in the world.

"Which voices were silenced, women who were ridiculed, harassed, harassed, lived in fear.

"I support them, they are my sisters, today I hope that a new world will emerge, that many people will no longer tolerate gender inequality, we must take care of the spirit that transcends borders and recognizes the dignity of all people, let us speak through acts of true love, for a real a love that will heal our wounds, a love that will unite us with all nations, "said the translator:" Come back to me. "

Earlier, Luna (also your mother and Rogue One: Star Wars story) used a microphone to talk about politics.

"Music connects people, nations and our governments are trying to do the opposite, there is someone who wants to build a wall and wants us to pay for it," he said, referring to Donald Trump, the US president.

The delivery of MTV EMA began with the joint participation of Little Mix and Nicki Minaj, who just a few minutes earlier won the Best Look award during his stay on the carpet.

But these were the paintings of Brendon Urie, the vocalist of Panic! On the dial, descending from the front of the building, what attracts the audience the most, appears in the middle of the stage and interprets "High hopes".

A few minutes later, Urie received the award on behalf of her teammates as the Best Alternative Artist.

"I'm going to have it in the bathroom!" He joked native Utah.

Vocalist Hailee Steinfeld, who at the age of 14 (2010) was nominated for an Oscar for the film Steel Temple, hosted a ceremony in which she claimed to have a pilot who allowed her to deal with whatever she wanted, including fireworks.

But no one would be able to produce Marshemello, known from a murderous mask, say the word, winning an award for an electronic music artist, beating the veteran David Guetta.

"One day we'll do it," Lindsay Lohan exclaimed, who gave him the prize.

Muse, Jason de Rulo, David Guetta and Halsey were one of the artists who accepted the ceremony with their music.


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