Chicago Bears 41-9 Buffalo Bills Week 9 NFL


Jordan Howard he scored twice and defended bears I got another pair of touchdowns so Chicago could break on Sunday 41-9 Bills Buffalo, who returned to the stars in the comedy of errors.

Eddie Jackson came to the promised zone, grabbing the ball and leading it 65 yards. Leonard Floyd returned 19 yards intercepted for the next touchdown. Both performances were presented with an interval of three and a half minutes of the second quarter.

After returning the 38-yard ball through Tarik Cohen, Howard scored an 18-foot run to beat the 12-minute, 20-second run of the second period in which Chicago scored four touchdowns.

The Bears turned their second straight win and improved to the 5-3 record, equalizing their best start to the season after eight commitments from 2013. Chicago also matched its total winnings from last year.

As a result of the anemic attack, Bills continued to drop and fell to record 2-7.


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