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Developers like Capcom and Paradox are already testing xCloud

Microsoft continues to work hard on xCloud, an Xbox streaming service that will allow the entire Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One game library to be played, and in its latest update of the development status, said it has already been deployed in several Azure servers.

Exactly, xCloud is currently running on 13 Azure servers strategically located near developer offices, such as Capcom and Paradox, who can already test the service.

According to Microsoft, there are already over 3,500 games for xCloud, and for Xbox One and the next generation there are over 1,900 games that will be compatible without the need to recompile them or something similar. Even updates for Xbox One will be implemented directly in xCloud, without any changes being required.

It will be interesting to adopt services such as xCloud or Google Stadia, as well as aspects such as performance, not only in terms of resolution and FPS, but also aspects such as delays due to distance from the server that may affect the gameplay.

What do you think about streaming games?

Source: WCCFTech

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