Diosdado Cabello condemned the new sanctions against the United States against Venezuela


ÚN.- The First Vice-President of the United Soviet Socialist Party (PSUV) Diosdado Cabello, on Friday condemned the United States (USA) new sanctions against the gold sector in the country.

"We are by no means surprised by the arrogant attitude of imperialism that we will believe that it will sanction the people of Venezuela, Cuba, or Nicaragua … They underestimate and underestimate history … Imperialism is lost with these acts, "said the president of the Constitutional Assembly (ANC) since the parade in honor of Ali Primera.

Hair too he referred to Donald Trump's national security adviser John Bolton's allegationswho reported on the sanctions and attacked Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua to ensure that these three Latin American governments represented the "tyrannical troika".

also, he asked Venezuela in front of threats from Latin American and Caribbean right-wing governments, said AVN.

Last Thursday, the Ministry of Finance issued new sanctions with the aim of preventing the involvement of US citizens in the gold sector of the Venezuelan economy.

In this sense, called upon the revolutionary forces to maintain unity to overcome the difficulties faced by the United States Government's constant attacks on Venezuela.

"Imperialism believes that it has the right to tell Venezuela how to take over its natural resources. They say they punish all those who are negotiating with Venezuela, but they are punishing people because we buy drugs and food," he said.


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