The event for developers who celebrate Samsung this week in San Francisco, monopolized a lot of glances, because according to the company will reveal the first details of his folded phone. The goal has been pursued by many manufacturers over the past few years and it seems that in 2019 it may start operating on the consumer market.

We do not know much about the new smartphone that prepares the South Korean company beyond the flexible properties of its panel, because the zeal kept up to now was the maximumIn a move that can be focused on offering data in a controlled manner before the device goes into the production chain and the leaks start to fall evenly, the company intends to present today, a few months before commercialization, keys to the device.

Useful technology?

Although the dream of creating a folded smartphone was, as I said, constant, the past clearly showed that it is not so easy to achieve a product level that is satisfactory enough for the user to feel ready to pay for it, an example of a folding phone concept done in a terrible way, due to uselessness in terms of usability and very poor taste, with which the idea was implemented, is ZTE Axon.

Two screens that fold together or towards the opposite side, resulting in a device with two panels separated by a disproportionate hinge in the middle or smartphone for use with a useless secondary screen in the back. In short: the opposite of a handy device and designed for everyday life.

This is not the only terminal that fits a selected group devoted to nonsense or crazy ideas in this sector – in at least one case it depends on personal preferences – because other examples, such as the Sony Tablet P, also clearly showed that it is not This was road. The latest one is in the Asian company Royole, which showed just a few days ago FlexPai.

It is a terminal that is closer to the concept of folding the phone as such, but still leaves much to be desired in the face of what could be a device for the general public. The screen is larger when it is displayed, of course, but carry it folded in your pocket is still an impossibility marked by its dimensionsSo where is all this happening?

Samsung wants – and can – to take muscle

If there is a technology company in the sector that has a well-established reputation for working with panels in technology products for years, Samsung and the Display departmentTheir experience in this field allows them to achieve not only a very high level for their own devices and for the companies they work with, but also for conducting real virguerĂ­as.

In the field of folding, we've seen it in 2014 with the Galaxy Note Edge, hitting as much as possible attractive at least after some time of useThe attempt of this was the discontinuity that Samsung gave the phone, after which he flexed both sides of the screen and made a jump also in the range of S.

But none of this has to be too much in common with what the company is currently preparing, a telephone in which both the panel and internal components must be able to adapt to their flexible conditions. Samsung has the power to introduce this technology on a large scale and discover a new field thanks to your resources. How will he do it, we will not know exactly until next year, but we hope to get the first detailed picture of his intentions today at 10:00 local time in San Francisco, 7:00 in the afternoon in Spain and 12:00 in the city of Mexico.

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