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How many coffees do you need to drink each day to make the habit harmful to your health? | Buenavida

Take coffee it's a great way to leave the morning, a potion for concentration, a perfect excuse to talk and a way to protect health, according to some studies, for example, that led to the conclusion that drinking three coffees a day reduces premature mortality to 18%. But taking too many cups on the same day does not only make you feel irritable and restless, but it can also be harmful to your health. But how exactly? According to the latest research, a stimulating drink begins to increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease when it is accustomed to drinking six or more coffees a day.

Work published in the magazine The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, analyzes genetic information of 347,077 people – from 37 to 73 years old – from a gene bank in the UK, their "caffeine" habits and other variations of interest to determine the risk of cardiovascular disease related to drinking. According to the analysis results, people who do not drink coffee resort to the decaffeinated variant and those who drink more than six cups a day are more likely to develop these diseases that those who drink one or two cups, perhaps because coffee increases blood pressure (although there are many aspects of the diet that affect this parameter). More specifically, those who drink decaffeinated are 7% more likely, this number increases to 11% of people who do not take it and up to 22% of those who drink more than 6 coffees.

The main purpose of the work was to explain whether the variant of the gene that metabolizes caffeine CYP1A2 this is associated with the risk of heart disease, as suggested above. There is a hypothesis that because a genetic variant causes the body to metabolize caffeine four times faster, people with caffeine can take more caffeine without adverse effects. But the results of the work do not confirm this idea. According to the information provided This genetic trait does not affect it, while the number of coffees you take is. Six coffees are too much, and at five … is not that enough?

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