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Isabel II does not authorize the Sussex princes to have an independent court

Isabel II and Meghan Markle in Cheshire, June 14, 2018. CORDON PRESS

Queen Elizabeth II in England did not grant permission to the princes of Sussex, Henry and Meghan, to create an independent court of the royal house and to have freedom in choosing a job, reveals today the "Sunday Times".

Prince Henry and Meghan Markle had already separated their offices from the princes of Cambridge, William and Catherine, but they wanted to go further to try to become completely independent of the Buckingham Palace directives, says the British Sunday.

Apparently, the queen and her eldest son, Prince Charles, heir to the British crown, rejected the possibility that the Princes of Sussex have autonomy in creating a global "Sussex brand" of humanitarian work and philanthropy.

"They wanted their court to be completely independent of Buckingham Palace, but they were told no. There is an institutional structure that does not allow this kind of independence. The feeling is that it is good to have Sussex under the jurisdiction of Buckingham Palace, so they simply can not leave and do what will happen to them, "said the royal source in the Sunday newspaper.

According to the newspaper, the second son of Prince Charles and the deceased Diana from Wales wanted to carry out their own style of work, different from other members of the royal family.

Apparently Meghan, a gender equality defender, wanted to continue her work as an "activist," adds the editorial office of Sunday.

The Princesses of Sussex will move from the Kensington Palace in London, where the Cambridge Princes also live, to Frogmore Cottage, a house located in the Windsor Castle, on the outskirts of the capital, before the birth of a child. Meghan Markle is waiting at the end of this month of April.

The Sussex Princes – who defend humanitarian issues, such as helping people affected by the fire in 2017 at the Grenfell residential tower (London) – were married in May last year in the chapel of St. George in Windsor Castle, in the medium of great media attention. EFE

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