Magallanes won the defeat of the Caribes de Anzoátegui


Due to the heavy rain that hit the Valencian park arbitrators they stopped the commitment when closing the fourth section when it consumed the railway Reynaldo Rodríguez, with Navegantes del Magallanesthere was one on the board, and Ronny Cedeño was already at the beginning.

When the heavy downpour stopped and after the work to maintain the pitch on the spot by the park's conservation authority, the judges decreed that the match would resume at 11:40 at night. In accordance with Chapter II of the TSI Championship conditions, point 2.01.1.

"In the event of rain or bad ground conditions from which it comes, the main judge is the only person authorized to decide whether the game can be started or not, he will consult only the opinion of the home club and guest managers and the decision will be made." ordinance.

Attached to the rules, the main judge of this meeting Edward Pachecoalong with the rest of the four-line company it was called Playball at the set time.

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After waiting a few minutes, the main Pacheco ordered forfeiture and the victory of the corsairs, described in the official baseball regulations, 7.03.b, which reads: "the match must be confiscated in favor of the opponent, when the team can not or does not want to put nine players on the pitch".

In the compromise, Magallanes issued four scores in the second chapter, and then created a cluster with three lines at the end of the quarter, at which point the game was halted.

The Aborigines produced the only hairline against Magellan in the upper part of the fourth section.

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